Beer Bottle Candle Holders

In keeping with the “decorate with beer bottles for St. Patrick’s Day” theme, I have another fun project to share with you guys today! I recycled a few green Heineken bottles into candle holders!

Practically Functional: Beer Bottle Candle Holder

Green and gold, so festive!

To make these candle holders you need to be able to cut a beer bottle in half, but don’t worry, it’s not actually that difficult to do! And if you don’t want to cut a bottle in half, check out these twine wrapped bottles for beer bottle decorating ideas that don’t require cutting!

Beer Bottle Candle Holders

Here’s what I used to make these St. Patrick’s Day shamrock candle holders:

Start by cutting your bottle in half. I’m not going to do a whole tutorial on cutting glass in this post because there are tons of YouTube videos that can help you out, but here are a few basics. To cut glass you need a glass cutter, which is a tool that makes small, shallow scores on the surface of the glass. I used one specifically for cutting bottles; it is a cutting wheel attached to a stand so you can rotate the bottle and make a straight cut. But they also come in handheld versions so you can cut intricate shapes for stained glass etc.

Once you score the glass, all you have to do is carefully stress that score mark until the glass breaks. If you are careful, it will break right along your score line and you’ll have a cut piece of glass!

Practically Functional: Beer Bottle Candle Holders - Before Sanding

And of course, cut glass edges are extremely sharp, so use caution whenever you’re cutting glass. Wear gloves and goggles, cuz you never know!

Once your glass is cut, sand it down using sand paper or emery cloth to smooth the edges. Use a really coarse grit (60 or 80) to round the edges at first, and then use a finer grit to smooth it out once the sharp edges are gone.

Practically Functional: Beer Bottle Candle Holders - After Sanding

Much better!

I used Silhouette’s double-sided adhesive for this project and it worked great! It stuck to the glass really well, and I was able to shape the glitter exactly into a shamrock shape without any trouble! If you want to see another great project using the double-sided adhesive, check out these adorable glitter canvases from Dreamsicle Sisters!

I cut the adhesive into shamrock shapes using my Cameo. If you like the pattern, I’ve provided the cutting files below. Just click the link to download the file you want.

I didn’t get any pictures of the next part because glitter is EXTREMELY messy! It was all over my hands, the table, and my lap, and I didn’t want to get it all over my camera, so bear with me on this part!

Stick the adhesive to your glass, then pull the backing paper off, leaving the adhesive exposed on the other side. Pour a tiny bit of glitter onto your adhesive and use a small brush to spread it around until it covers the adhesive completely. Shake and brush off any excess glitter, and you’re done!

Practically Functional: Beer Bottle Candle Holders

I left about two inches of glass on the bottom of these beer bottles and they are the perfect height for some tiny tea lights!

If you have a good clean cut on your beer bottle and the top is still salvageable, decorate it too, and put the bottle back together for a really pretty candle holder! You could also use a votive if you set it up this way.

Practically Functional: Beer Bottle Candle Holders

The top of the beer bottle can also be its own candle holder. Stick a taper candle in through the neck for a taller light source. Or you can use the top of the bottle as a candle sleeve, kind of like a hurricane glass.

Practically Functional: Beer Bottle Candle Sleeve

Or use it as an incense holder!

Practically Functional: Beer Bottle Incense Holder

Beer bottles are super versatile for crafting, especially if you have the ability to cut them! So invest in a good glass cutter and take a few minutes to learn how to do it. Trust me, it’s so much easier than it looks, and it only takes a few minutes to make the cut! Sanding it down takes a little longer, but that’s another matter… :-)

Practically Functional: Beer Bottle Candle Holder

I just love how festive these are! And the adhesive is holding the glitter on there pretty well, so they aren’t shedding all over my table!

Have you ever tried cutting glass before? My grandparents made GORGEOUS stained glass and I was always in awe of the pieces they made. I can cut a beer bottle in half, but that takes nowhere near as much skill. :-)


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  1. jenny@birdsandsoap says:

    this project rocks! I wasn’t quite sure what was going to be on the other side when I clicked, but I LOVE these. So green, so Irish. You have captured St. Paddy’s day perfeectly…Ireland would be proud.

  2. Oh, I love Irish Fun! My granddaddy’s last name was Ireland, so i always feel a little nostalgic around this time of year!

  3. These came out SO cute – pinned to remember to try this out!

  4. Note to self, buy bottle cutter, be awesome!

  5. Courtenay says:

    OK, seriously? Who ever thought beer bottles could be so pretty? I bet even the brown ones would look nice as little votive holders. And here I am always getting so annoyed when Chris leaves an empty bottle out on the kitchen counter. I should just take it and get crafting!

  6. Love this, and now I really want a glass cutter….

  7. Crystal says:

    I have never cut glass before…been a little apprehensive about it. This project is so cute that I might just have to suck it up and try it. It seemed easy enough!! Love all the variations you did using the different parts of the bottle. Thanks :)

  8. Wow!!! You cut glass. Like, wow!! And so pretty!!

  9. Ditto to Janel– WOW… you hot thing cutting glass! Great project right here- I like it!

  10. Super creative of you Jessi, and the results are beautiful!

  11. Jessi, I love this. You do projects that are right up my alley.

  12. Totally buying a glass cutter! How awesome :o)

  13. Um, can I just say SO clever!? I love that you upcycled something you already have! I have some glass lemonade bottles that I’ve been saving for a project, and this might just do the trick. Thanks so much for sharing, Miss Jessi! Happy Monday!

    ~Abby =)

  14. These votives are adorable!!!

  15. Such a wonderful inspiration! I love that glitzy gold detail! Thanks for sharing Jessi!

  16. I love the sweet little gold shamrocks! Great excuse to finish some beers! :)

  17. Love these! I have always wanted to try cutting bottles as wine holders. Something else to add to my list of things to try!

  18. This is an awesome idea! If it is one thing many people have near St. Patrick’s Day, it is beer bottles!

  19. What a cute idea! I would love for you to share it this week on Thrifty Thursday @ http://fromnature-tonurture.blogspot.com/ Hope to see you there! Bonnie

  20. These are just too cool!! Just pinned;) Very clever (I am amazed at the cutting the glasses stuffs:)

  21. Very cute repurpose!! :)

  22. Very pretty!

  23. Bethany the ngnrdgrl says:

    Cute idea Jessi! The bottom of the beer bottle makes such a cute little votive! I also love the idea of repurposing something that most of us just toss out with the recycling. Thanks for sharing with us!

  24. You and these glass projects! Cracking me up! Love the creativity behind them. Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  25. Thanks again for stopping by to share this!

  26. Oh wow, I really love this project! Recycling and adorable all in one! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven for a visit.

  27. Such a great idea. This turned out so well – very cute! Thanks for linking up at Romance n a dime!!

  28. These are equally as cute as your goblets :) Love them!

  29. Hey girl! I am going to be featuring this project on my Thursday Link Party tomorrow! Thanks again for sharing!

  30. Such a cute idea!! Pinning this. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!


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