Plant A Fall Garden

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Now that the weather is cooling down, it's time to start thinking about a fall garden. It's the perfect time to plant trees or shrubs outdoors, or if you can't garden outdoors, plant some fall flowers indoors! If you're ready to work on your fall garden, the Gardenieres have some great ideas!

Teamed up with Scott’s Miracle-Gro and Home Depot, the Gardenieres are four amazing gardening enthusiasts who share gardening tips and advice through a series of videos. My favorite thing about them is that they are spread out across the country, so they can give you region-specific advice for your plants!

Did you know you have to winterize your plants in the Midwest? Yeah…growing up in CA that was definitely not something I learned how to do! But now I've got a plan, so I'll share that with you guys once the weather gets cold enough that I have to bring them indoors. :-)

My favorite Gardenieres video is about container gardening. As soon as we move somewhere with a yard I'm excited for growing veggies (yay tomatoes!), but for right now I'm gardening indoors. If you don't already have indoor potted plants or flowers, fall is a great time to plant some! Check this out:

It's pretty simple to start container gardening (if I can start an indoor herb garden, then anyone can do it!) I can't wait to plant some gorgeous flowers this fall. I still have some Miracle-Gro potting mix left over from planting the herbs, so all I need now are some pots!

Do you have plans for a fall garden this year? Are you ready to winterize your plants (all you non-CA residents :-p)

If you want some great gardening tips, check out the Gardenieres website, or visit them on Facebook; on the Miracle-Gro Facebook page you can talk with fellow gardeners, get advice, and share stories!


Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign for Miracle Gro and the Gardenieres. However, all opinions are 100% my own; I would never write a post about something I didn't think was pretty great! Practically Functional will only publish sponsored posts containing projects I would have done anyway, or for companies or products I believe in! :-)



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