Stylelist Feature and Sunshine Award

Exciting news! My coffee cozy tutorial was featured as the Craft Of The Day today on the Stylelist Home website!

They contacted me a while ago asking permission to feature the tutorial and at first I thought it was weird spam or some joke.  No way anyone from Stylelist has stumbled across my blog! My brain went “Wait a minute, what?! How did they even find me and my coffee cozies? And does that email address say @HuffingtonPost.com at the end of it? Holy crap!!!”

But apparently it was all real, because today’s Craft Of The Day is my tutorial! Here’s the link to the story.

And check it out! I’m right there on the front page! Woot!


Also, I was nominated for the Sunshine Award yesterday!

The blogging community is pretty awesome and friendly, and one way they can show their support for other bloggers is by nominating them for blogger awards. There are tons out there that I’ve been secretly coveting since I started my blog stumbled across so far in my few months as a blogger, and the Sunshine Award is one of them. It is for “Bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

So, apparently I’m an inspiration. And a positive one at that, yay!

I was nominated by Priscilla from Thrifty Crafty Girl. I absolutely ADORE Priscilla’s blog; you really need to go check it out. She’s thrifty. She’s crafty. She’s absolutely hilarious. She’s pretty much all around amazing. Thanks a ton for the nomination Priscilla!

Here’s how the award works…(you didn’t just think it was a pretty image I get to stick on my blog, did you?!)

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them
  • Answer the following 10 questions about yourself
  • Select 10 of your favorite bloggers, link their blogs to your post and let them know they’ve been awarded the Sunshine Award!
  • Don’t forget to copy and paste the award on your blog!

10 questions:

  1. Favorite color? Man, I can already tell I’m going to be bad at answering these questions…because my first instinct was to say “Well, I like most fall and winter colors, but I like bright spring colors too!” So basically I answered that question in my head by saying ALL OF THEM! Woops… If I had to just pick one it would be greyish-silvery-blue. (Damn, that’s still three colors huh?)
  2. Favorite animal? Big dogs. Because they are adorable when they think they are small dogs and try to sit in your lap. :-)
  3. Favorite number? Eleven
  4. Favorite drink? Orange soda. Who loves orange soda? KEL LOVES ORANGE SODA! And Jessi; Jessi does too. (Yes, I am that young. Or that old, depending on how old you are. :-p)
  5. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. Twitter still baffles me slightly. You ate a bagel just now? Woot. Remind me why we care again?
  6. Good book or good movie? Good book, for sure. I like movies, don’t get me wrong. But there’s nothing quite like being so caught up in a book that you read all night and forget to study for that chem test. Not that this has ever happened to me…with a Harry Potter book…or anything…
  7. My passion:  Ok, maybe it’s a bit sappy, but my passion is helping, inspiring, and teaching people. My favorite thing is being able to share knowledge or know-how with people, and showing them something new. It’s clearly why I started this blog, but it’s been a passion of mine for a long time.
  8. Giving or getting presents? Ok, I know the “right” answer is giving presents, but that actually IS my answer. I’m not just saying it cuz it’s right. I love thinking about the perfect gifts for people, and I really enjoy seeing people enjoy their gifts.
  9. Favorite day? Fridays. Or, if they mean favorite day of the year, then maybe Christmas. I love Christmas!
  10. Favorite flower? Calla lillies. We had burnt orange calla lillies at our wedding, and they were the best!


All of these ladies are totally amazing and definitely inspirational, so go check out their blogs! And congrats ladies! I hope you have as much fun with this award as I did. :-)

I link up at these awesome parties!

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  1. Thanks for nominating me Jessie, you’re way to sweet! Oh and congrats on being featured at Stylist home! that is just awesome!

  2. Thanks so much for the awesome nomination Jessie! I haven’t heard of the Sunshine Award before but I’m honored that you thought of me!


  3. Wow! What a great week for you!! I love those blogging weeks! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Have a great week!

  4. Thank you Jessi!
    It’s just the thing I needed to brighten my day! I will have a post up about it soon!

  5. Thanks so much for thinking of me, sweet girl!
    And congrats on the award yourself!

  6. Jessi, I would have freaked out too! How cool is that, your coffee cozy’s are so cute, I am so happy for you getting a shout out from Stylist!!! And, thank YOU for including my lil ol’ blog in your Sunshine Award, I feel so blessed to be connected with so many creative, sweet bloggers. This is a blast :)

    Hugs, Tanya

  7. Congrats on your feature and thank you for nominating me for the award! :)
    xo! Vanessa

  8. Congrats on your feature!! I am honored you nominated me! : ) Such an exciting thing to see this morning!! Hope you have an awesome Saturday!

  9. New fan! I found you on the advice of Kendra at A Proverbs 31 wife. Congrats on your cozy making the big time! I am looking forward to reading on Bloglovin!

  10. Wow – thanks so much for awarding me with the sunshine award! That’s very sweet of you!!


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