Tired of struggling with Design Space?

Cricut's Design Space software can be confusing and frustrating if you're not familiar with it—but don't worry, my Design Space Cheat Sheets will help you get comfortable in Design Space so you can make awesome projects effortlessly!

If you're struggling to create Cricut projects in Design Space, these printable cheat sheets are a perfect first step. They will show you how to:

  • Add text, images, and shapes to your project
  • Work with the layers Design Space automatically creates
  • Double-check your project preview before it cuts
  • Adjust material settings and load material onto the cutting mat
  • Load blades, tools, and the cutting mat into your Cricut

Best of all? These cheat sheets are completely free—my gift to you!

Design Space Cheat Sheets spiral bound reference guide



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"This was so helpful in getting me started! I was definitely intimidated and you made it so easy. Thank you!!!"

- MARY M. -

Jessi Wohlwend headshot

Hey There, I'm Jessi!

And I know exactly how it feels to be tossed into Design Space with no instructions and expected to just "figure it out"...

In fact, I've muddled my way through every semi-helpful tutorial and YouTube video that went too fast. I've practiced, made mistakes, and tried again hundreds of times. Over the past 10 years, I've learned everything I could about Design Space and how to use a Cricut to make awesome things.

And now I get to share that knowledge with you! I've boiled down all of the research and trial and error into this printable reference guide so that you can use your Cricut effortlessly and skip all of the mistakes and frustration!