DIY Painted Candy Corn Bottles

It’s not Halloween without candy corn! Not only is it delicious, but the bright colors are just so fun! So when I realized I still had cans of orange and white spray paint left over from the dryer vent pumpkins I made earlier this year, I knew exactly what to do with them! I bought yellow spray paint and made painted candy corn bottles!

These DIY painted candy corn bottles are too cute! So easy to make too!

They’re super easy to make too; except for drying time, they only take about fifteen minutes!

DIY Painted Candy Corn Bottles

Here’s what you need:

  • orange, white, and yellow spray paint
  • empty bottles
  • ribbon (optional)

Start by cleaning your bottles; make sure you remove the labels and any sticky residue.

Once the bottles are clean and dry, cover each bottle with a coat of white paint. This will give it a nice base color for the orange and yellow to stick to. Use smooth side-to-side motions to spray light coats until the bottles are covered.

DIY Candy Corn Bottles-3

Set the bottles aside and let them dry.

Once the white paint is fully dry, spray a stripe of orange across the middle of the bottle. Leave about a third of the bottle white at the top, and make sure the orange stripe covers at least the entire middle third of the bottle. It can extend further down into the bottom third of the bottle, because that will later be covered by the yellow paint. Remember, candy corn is white at the tip, yellow at the bottom, and orange in the middle!

Don’t worry about taping off the white part of the bottle; it gives it a nice soft look to have the spray paint edge slowly “fade” into white. I was really worried about this part because I thought it would be difficult to get a straight line exactly where I wanted it. But it turned out it really wasn’t that hard! Do a test spray over your drop cloth or paper just so you know where the paint comes out of the can. When you spray the actual bottle, spray straight across all in one go, starting and ending past the edges of the bottle so that you get a clean line. Then walk around the bottle (or rotate the bottle) and spray a straight line again. Continue spraying light coats this way until you’ve gone all the way around the bottle.

Be sure your coats are light, otherwise you’ll get drips of paint ruining the edges between your colors!

DIY Candy Corn Bottles-4

Set the bottles aside until the orange paint is completely dry. Once dry, finish the bottles off by spraying a stripe of yellow at the bottom of the bottles!

Once the yellow paint is dry, you’re done! Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottles if you wish, and set them out to add a bit of Halloween spirit to any room!

These DIY painted candy corn bottles are too cute! So easy to make too!

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  1. colette says

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    Love these! So simple and cute!

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    10 years ago

    I absolutely love these!! Sharing on my FB page today. What a great project 🙂

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    10 years ago

    LOVE this Jessi! So cute!

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