Cricut infusible ink transfer sheets after transferring ink onto a t shirt
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How To Use Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

This article has everything you need to know about using Cricut Infusible Ink transfer sheets!
Course: Cricut
Keyword: infusible ink transfer sheets
Author: Jessi Wohlwend




  • Choose which transfer sheets you want to use and a compatible blank.
  • Create a design in Design Space, or choose a ready-to-make project. (Make sure all Line Types are set to "Cut" and any layers where spacing is important are "Attached")
  • Mirror your design by switching the "Mirror" toggle on when previewing the mats.
  • Set the material to "Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet" and load the transfer sheet onto your StandardGrip mat with the shiny liner side down, then load the mat into the machine.
  • Press the flashing Go button to begin the cut. If you are using multiple colors, the machine will pause when it is done cutting out the first sheet and allow you to load the next sheet.
  • Unload the mat and remove the transfer sheet from the mat.
  • Gently roll and bend the sheet in your hands to "crack" open the cut lines, then carefully weed away the excess transfer sheet material. (If you're using multiple layers of transfer sheet in one project, trim the liners of the sheet so that you can place all of the layers together onto one liner without any of the inked material being covered up.)
  • Pre-heat your EasyPress 2 according to the Heat Guide recommendations for your specific material and blanks.
  • Place your t-shirt on top of your EasyPress mat and put a piece of white cardstock inside the t-shirt to protect the back side of the shirt from the ink.
  • Clean your shirt with a lint roller.
  • Place a piece of butcher paper on top of your shirt, then press to pre-heat your shirt according to the Heat Guide recommendations.
  • Once the shirt is cooled down after pre-heating, place your transfer sheets face down onto your shirt (you can secure multiple pieces with with heat resistant tape if necessary).
  • Place a piece of butcher paper on top of your shirt again, then press with your EasyPress according to the Heat Guide recommendations. Don't move the EasyPress while pressing!
  • Carefully remove the EasyPress when it is done pressing, but leave everything else where it is until the project has cooled completely.
  • Remove the butcher paper, liners, and transfer sheet material from your project once it's cool, and you're done!


Here are my favorite tips and tricks for amazing Infusible Ink projects every time!
  • Always follow the instructions found in the Heat Guide exactly
  • Use an EasyPress 2 or other heat press that goes up to 400 degrees F
  • NEVER move your EasyPress during the transfer
  • Don't forget to mirror your design before cutting
  • Always use cardstock under your project
  • Always use butcher paper on top of your project
  • Don't reuse your butcher paper between projects
  • Make sure the liner covers your entire design before pressing, even already applied portions of your design
  • Make sure your EasyPress plate is big enough to cover your entire design
  • If using multiple colors of Infusible Ink transfer sheets, always apply the darkest color last
  • If using Infusible Ink transfer sheets AND heat transfer vinyl, always apply the HTV last
  • Always use heat resistant tape when making designs with small pieces
  • Make sure your hands are clean, dry, and free of lotions or oils
  • Don't use a weeding hook when weeding Infusible Ink transfer sheets
  • If you're making coasters you can "wrap" your design around the edge if it's a little too big to fit just on the top; make sure you tape the edges well!