Protect Your Photos From Being Pinned On Pinterest

Ok, let me start out by saying that I absolutely LOVE Pinterest, and you all have my permission to pin anything you find on my blog to Pinterest.  Seriously, pin away!

That said, there are some people who do not want their images pinned to Pinterest for one reason or another. Luckily for them, Pinterest has a very simple way to protect your photos from being pinned!

Tutorial: Prevent a photo from being pinned on Pinterest (useful for photos of family, copyrighted work, or if you're featuring another blogger's work and want to make sure they get the credit!)

Yes, I do see the irony in having that “Pin It” button right there, thanks :-)

A lot of people use Pinterest, but I don’t think every person who uses Pinterest actually reads through the terms when they sign up. Cuz seriously, who does that?!

Anyway, the point is there was a bunch of hullaballoo about Pinterest’s terms recently (I’m sure you can Google it and find all the details; I’m not going to go into them here). Basically, people were very worried that once an image is pinned to Pinterest, they no longer have control over it.

Some of those people are professional photographers who wanted to retain rights to their photos, some of those people are moms who didn’t want pictures of their kids floating around the internet, some of those people are bloggers who feature other people’s work but want the credit (and pins) to go to the original source…

Whatever the reason, sometimes it just makes sense to keep some of your stuff off Pinterest. (Stacy from Not Just A Housewife had a crazy experience with a staged photo that was pinned and taken out of context a while ago)

So if you fall into any of those categories, there are two options for you.

By the way, if you’re reading this post on a mobile device, the code I share below might appear cut off by the edge of the screen. If this happens to you, just load this post on a full sized computer screen and it will display the full code!

1. Prevent a specific image on your site from being pinned to Pinterest

Before I pin anything from anyone’s blog, I always try to check their terms to see if they say anything about whether or not they would like their stuff pinned. And I see something like this ALL THE TIME:

“Please feel free to pin any images of projects you find on this site as long as the pin links back to my blog. However, please do not pin any images of my children, husband, or any other family members.”

Fair. Totally fair.

But if you’re worried that people won’t read your terms before pinning, or won’t respect your wishes, here’s a little piece of code to help you out.

nopin = "nopin"

Just add that code in the HTML of your post, inside your img tag, and that specific image will not be available for users to pin. When you are writing a new post or editing an old one, you can usually view the HTML of your post by clicking the HTML view tab. Then look for the img tag of your photo; it should look something like this:

<img style="border: 0px;" src="" width="206" height="74" nopin = "nopin" />

Just copy that nopin code in right before the closing bracket and your image will be protected!

If I used this code to create my signature image at the bottom of the post, it would make it so that no one can pin my signature from this post. The graphic image at the top of this post would still be available for pinning, as would everything else on my blog, but this signature would be excluded from possible pins.

NOTE: WordPress likes to try to do you a favor by pulling out any unknown code from your HTML whenever you switch from HTML view back to Visual view. This can be great in case you don’t close a tag properly, but it does mean that WP will pull out the nopin code. You have two options: Add the nopin code last, and schedule or publish right from the HTML view without switching back to the Visual view, or Ashley from Forgetful Mama told me about a WP plugin called Pinterest Repellent that will prevent this from happening. Just install that plugin and then you can switch between the views to your heart’s content and your nopin code will be safe!

2. Prevent every image on your site from being pinned to Pinterest 

If you don’t want anything from your website to show up on Pinterest ever, you need the following code:

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

You will need access to the HTML of your entire blog in order to do this, not just a single post. And you need to be VERY CAREFUL when editing HTML; you can do serious damage. You can access the HTML of your blog in a Blogger blog by going into Templates and clicking the Edit HTML button. You can access the HTML of your self-hosted WordPress blog by going into the Appearance tab on the side and choosing Editor, then selecting your Header file. Unfortunately, if you have a blog, you don’t have access to edit your HTML and must use the code in the previous example.

Once you have your HTML open, search for the following tag: </head>

Once you find that line of code, press return a few times to make a few empty lines just before it, and copy in the code above. Save your file, and you’re done!

If you can’t find your HTML files or the </head> tag, just shoot me an email through the Contact form; I can help!

If anyone tries to pin an image from your site they will see a message that says “This site doesn’t allow pinning to Pinterest. Please contact the owner with any questions. Thanks for visiting!”

If you want to customize the message that appears you can use the following code instead.

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" description="Sorry, no pinning of images on this site please!" />

Just change the description bit to whatever you want to say. Make sure to leave the quotes there though, they’re important!


So there you have it. Next time you post an adorable photo of your baby you can protect it from being wildly thrown about the interwebs with this simple tip! (Anyone seen the “success kid” meme? That is someone’s kid!)

I don’t want to start any huge debates or anything, but what are your feelings about your images on Pinterest? Are all your images fair game, or now that you know you can exclude a few choice photos, will you be doing that from now on?


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  1. says

    Good to know! I’m terrible about this sort of thing; I don’t even know how to put a little watermark on my pictures, which I probably should do on at least some of them. Oops.

    That’s terrible what happened to Stacy, and I imagine I’ll feel differently once T-Rex is here. I guess. I’m more apathetic about the topic than I really ought to be.

    Thanks for sharing the code, though! ^_^

  2. Stacy says

    Thanks for sharing this. In my honest opinion I don’t see me using it, but feelings could change in the future. I honestly don’t put photos on my blog that I don’t want floating around out there. I try really hard not to open Pandora’s box, so to speak. Unfortunately, there are bad people everywhere who do terrible things to other people, their blogs and their photos. Such a sad world we live in. Sharing this on my fan page for others, great info like this needs to be passed on.

    • says

      I think it’s really smart not to put photos up that you don’t want out there on the internet. This code works to stop someone from pinning something, but there’s nothing to stop someone from downloading the photo and re-uploading it on their own site or to Pinterest or whatever!

  3. says

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I did link up with you this week. I know that the things I write for my blog and the pics I use are fair game for others. It’s just the way it is with our world. I don’t put things out there I don’t want others to see. I’m an adoptive mom and I’ve gotten a bit of grief and criticism over some of the things I’ve written. i just accept it because I put it out there. Unfortunately there are people who live to criticism viciously and they hurt others. it’s just a risk you take when you make things public.

    • says

      Completely agree Marty! There’s really no excuse for people being jerks online and hiding behind their anonymity, but that’s sort of the risk you take with putting anything onto the internet. It becomes public, so you just have to be prepared, and it sounds like you are :-)

  4. says

    This is great. Thanks. I’m all for my photos being pinned, but have always cringed that my kids and other family could be pinned. I didn’t realize you could be “photo-specific.” I will do this from now on to those pictures :)

  5. says

    This is really great info for anyone looking to protect their photos! I, for one, don’t have a problem with people pinning my stuff. If I don’t want it spread about the interwebs, I don’t put it out there. However, I do have worries that, like Stacey, stuff maybe taken out of context or re-used in an inappropriate manner. If that happens, I may change my mind on people pinning my stuff and need to use this!

  6. says

    Thanks for the information – ironically, I’ve pinned this for future reference!

    I certainly cringe when I see that someone has pinned someone else’s project from my site instead of going to the source. I might try this method to prevent people from selecting inspiration photos from other posts as the pin for one of my projects.

    • says

      That’s a GREAT idea Claire, I didn’t even think of that. I was mostly thinking it would be useful for family photos or professional shots or something. I always leave a reminder in my Feature posts for people to click over and pin from the source, but just in case it’s super smart to set those photos to “nopin” so someone doesn’t accidentally pin them. Thanks for the idea!

  7. says

    This is a fabulous tip Jessi!! I totally don’t mind having my stuff pinned as long as I’m credited :)

    Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  8. says

    I have no problems with any of ‘my’ photos being pinned. However, I will use this code for photos of featured projects. I’ve just added it to eight photos… easy as!!! Thanks so much for sharing how to do add the code for individual photos. I’ve pinned this post…

  9. says

    Thanks for the info! It’s great and I’ve already used it for my kiddos pics and for a pic from another website. I’m definitely Pinning this!!
    One thing I did notice though… I am an avid iPad user and do most of my pinning from that. Due to the difference in an iPad vs a regular PC or Mac, there have been work arounds made in order to be able to Pin from a sight that doesn’t have a Pin It button. (without the work around, you can pin NOTHING)
    That being said, if I use the “work around” Pin It button, I can still pin absolutely any pic on a site regardless if they have this code imbedded or not. I was disappointed when I tried it from there and was still able to pin all my kids pics :(
    I still think most of the time it will prevent most users from pinning pics you don’t want, but just wanted people to be aware that at this time, it won’t stop everyone!

    • says

      Good to know! When I pin something from my iPad I just do it directly from Pinterest and use the Add + link, and when you pin from Pinterest directly (or from the Pin It button on a website, or from the Pin It button you can drag to your bookmarks toolbar) it definitely doesn’t allow those images to be pinned. I don’t have the work around button on my iPad so I hadn’t tried that out, but it’s good to know.

      Also, just be aware that if you update a page with this code, your images will still be able to be pinned until you reload the page. So if someone happens to be looking at your post before you make the changes, they will still be able to pin your pics unless they reload the post before trying to pin.

      You just have to be careful about what you put on the internet; this isn’t a perfect solution :-) I mean, if someone really wants to pin your image all they have to do is right-click, download it, and upload it as a new pin. Anything you put out there on the internet becomes “fair game” but this code will prevent all but the most dedicated from pinning your stuff, so it’s a step in the right direction!

  10. Nicole says

    Oh my goodness… how very pinteresting. =) But, really I do appreciate knowing that we can feel empowered to choose what is available to be pinned and what we’d rather not have out there on pinterest. Thanks for this.

    Stopping by from My turn for us to follow your creativity here. If you’re up for a ride I’d love it if you’d join me at where we’re riding the wave of life, one little adventure at a time. Oooh, ooh, ooh and this and every Friday we host the ALOHA Friday HOP where the sweetest of bloggers link up and help each other to grow, grow, grow… come join us if you please.

    Happy Day,

  11. says

    Love this! Thank you! I have been fighting w/ someone that stole images of my kids & used them like they were her own family pics on her facebook page. I have been right & left click disabling every image on my blog but I know that if they are pinned they can then be saved. So this really helps.

    • says

      Yeah, it’s an unwritten rule, but it definitely still happens by accident sometimes. And I think it’s fair to pin this. Ironic, sure, but also, Pinterest is the best place to put this because anyone who sees it is basically someone who could benefit from it, so it works :-)

  12. says

    I didn’t even know this was possible to prevent someone to pin something! This is super great to know. I am bookmarking your page so I can use this. Thank you so very much for share this information at Freedom Fridays:)
    Hope you have a super great week!

  13. says

    That was really interesting and so informative. Thanks so much for sharing this info! Like you, I don’t really mind people pinning from my blog but it’s great to know I prevent certain pictures from being pinned.

    I’m not sure if you have been by and linked up your Pinterest profile to my Pinning Bloggers masterlist at my blog yet? If you haven’t please feel free to pop by and link up! I’m also hosting me weekly Say G’day Linky party at the moment and would be thrilled if you could link up this post!

    Thanks again!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  14. says

    I’d say probably most people pinning are not concerned at all with where the image originated, they just want that pin and when repinning, who knows where it comes from sometimes. I was looking for something last night and saw multiple numbers of my images online as if they were from elsewhere. They were pinned from link parties and attributed to those sites and others were not attributed to anyone. It’s nice to know there are deterrents, but a lot of times, people just want something and take it. They don’t even think twice that it belongs to someone. I just keep people pics offline because people can also screenshot and whatnot. It’s bad enough to see furniture you did attributed wrongly, but seeing family shots used like that would make me crazy!
    Thanks for all the info.

  15. says

    This was really great, thanks for posting. I’d wondered if there was a way to make pictures “non-pinnable”.
    And the irony, I pinned this article :)

  16. Kelly says

    Great article, Jessi. I will “pin” this post for future reference. I hadn’t thought about putting “pinning terms” on my website….nice idea, as I do post pictures of my kids and grandkids once in a while.

    • says

      The idea of “terms” regarding Pinterest was new to me too, but after all the uproar about the Terms Of Use for Pinterest many people are being wary of what they pin. I added my “terms” more so people know it is perfectly fine with me if they want to pin my projects, rather than to try to restrict pinning. But it’s nice to know I can restrict it a bit if I need to :-)

  17. Debbie says

    This is soooo good to know! I don’t remember if I have any photos of my kids (adults) or grandkids, but I’m saving this link so if/when I do post any I will definitely use this information! And if I ever feature anyone (long way off, not big enough for that! lol) I will use this as well.
    Debbie :)

  18. says

    This is awesome information!!! I love the ability to add the code to specific photos so that they cannot be pinned! This will work PERFECTLY when I post a photo that was my inspiration! Then everyone will be forced to click through to THEIR site and pin from there! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • says

      That’s exactly why I love this! People may not do it on purpose, but every once in a while they pin someone’s idea that I’m featuring from my site instead of theirs. Or my idea is pinned from their site instead of mine.

      • says

        I actually found this via pinterest! :) I try to always follow through to the original site and not just repin but sometimes I’m in a hurry and I repin something to find out later it’s not the correct site and I sometimes I can never find it which is a little frustrating to be honest. I would love to be able to click on everything and have the tutorial (or original post) right away but I think a lot of people just repin and never open it.

  19. says

    I agree with Cheryl! The entire premise of my blog is to recreate things we’ve seen on Pinterest – we always do a screen shot of the original pin, complete with a watermark of the blog name and a link to find it, but people STILL pin the screenshot, and it gets linked up to our site. We’ve hated it, and tried to think of ways to give enough credit and discourage people from pinning from our site – but it hasn’t worked 100%. This is a great way to send people to the original blog site. Thanks for this!!

  20. says

    I have a blog mainly for my family but I just changed it so nothing from my blog can be pinned. Thank you for this information. I read once how to protect my pictures so that no one can click on them to save them to their computer but it seemed like a lot of work to do that for every single picture. I wish now that I would have taken the time to figure it out, especially since this was so easy to do and now I have random people following my blog that I don’t even know.

  21. Amanda says

    It is never possible to stop something from showing up on Pinterest. There is some called the snipping tool and the print screen/system request button. It’s not hard to just take a picture of the scren, save it to a folder, and upload to pinterest or any other site.

    • says

      Yep, definitely true. I mentioned in the post that you can right-click and download photos and then upload them. Screenshots is another way to do it. Like I said, this will discourage many people, but you have to be careful about what you post on the internet. If you put it on the internet, it’s public, no matter what you do. And the most determined people will abuse it somehow :-(

  22. Di says

    Hi again(yes, again!! Ok ok) Jessi,

    It’s so funny that I saw this post last, considering the post I have left in my previous comments on your site. You know, the one where I’m inviting everyone to pin EVERYTHING on their site, lol! However, I LOVE this, I’m pinning it to my board on blogging here:

    These tips are so helpful to anyone who doesn’t want just everything pinned but would still like to promote their blog on such a huge social platform as Pinterest has become. Many bloggers have found most or a lot of their traffic is now coming from Pinterest. It’s so hard to ignore that. And well, in most cases, you shouldn’t ignore it, I believe.

    I do understand completely,though, wanting to keep control of your photographs. Of course, if you sell your photos it’s a must. But for bloggers, the main purpose of pinning is to drive traffic to their sites. You could lose that ability if you lose control of your photos.

    Jessi, I will add this post–as a link–to an update on my post inviting people to “pin all”. If you don’t want me to, just let me know. Thank you for sharing your wisdom:) Di

    • says

      It’s totally fine with me to link to this; I think you’re right that it’s good info for people to know. You have to be careful about what you put out there on the internet, because someone who is determined can find a way to exploit it. But this will help a little bit for most people. :-)

  23. Jessica says

    I guess I just kind of take this position: If I am worried that someone will misuse a photo, it doesn’t go on the internet. Period. End of story. I am very turned off to blogs that don’t allow me to pin- part of blogging is having people develop a bond and a sense of community. No pinning allowed makes it feel like they don’t trust you (and I know the argument would be made that it is for those non-readers who just come to exploit but that doesn’t take away the fact that honest people will feel punished for something they didn’t do). It is kind of like going to your favorite store and they won’t let you carry your purse around because they are afraid you will steal something- it wouldn’t be your favorite store much longer!
    It is a tricky world to navigate- esp if you post pictures of your family.

    • says

      Yep, I definitely agree. I don’t post photos if I’m not okay with them being out there and public, because even if your whole site is set to be un-pinnable, someone will find a way around it if they are determined. But I do really like using this code to protect other bloggers’ photos when I use them on my site in a featured post or as inspiration. That way their photos are linked to their site instead of mine and hopefully they get the credit for their photos and their projects.

  24. says

    Hi Jessi,

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve linked you up on my blog. I found your post super helpful, and too good not to share. Thanks!

  25. says

    Love, love, love this tip!! Thank you so much! I have a photo that was pinned which includes all of my personal information (name, phone number, address, email) that Pinterest refuses to delete! :*( I know, I don’t know what I was thinking; I am going to be much more careful from here on in!

  26. says

    Hi Jessi!

    Thanks for editing your post to include my suggestion about using the no pin code when your have other people’s images in a post. I’m giving this code a try for the first time in my next post because I do a series called “Pinspiration” where I share my take on a Pinterest-inspired project. I’ve found in the past that my projects are being pinned with the original inspiration photo as the pin. If it’s as easy as it sounds, I’ll definitely be doing this for everything in the future to protect both my work, and the original creator’s work as well.

    Thanks again!


    • says

      Yeah, thank you so much for that idea! I now use it for every single picture that I share when I feature other bloggers’ work from my weekly link party and it works great!

  27. says

    Such an easy thing to add into the code.
    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve already gone through and added the nopin = “nopin” to all the photos I don’t want on pinterest.

  28. Shannon says

    Thank you. I just used this tip (looks like it worked) I interviewed a lifestyle photographer and I wanted to protect her photos.

  29. says

    Thanks for the info. While I have no problem with most of my images being pin, love it actually ;), I DO NOT WANT my kids pics being used. Thanks again!

  30. Bella says

    Great post with really useful information. I have no problem with my images being pinned, as long as it links back to my blog. But if I started posting more images of my kids, I would definitely want to use some of that code :)

  31. Meredith says


    I have been Googling this all freaking day! I found several sites with the meta code, but this is the only place I found with the code for single-image pin disabling.

    I’d love to have people pin my images, but I have a few on my blog that aren’t mine, they’re links to other blogs (plus one picture of me that’s kind of unflattering, and while I don’t mind it on my blog I don’t want it circulating all around Pinterest).

  32. Anja says

    What a great piece of advice to share with your readers! I had been thinking about this problem, too, so when I found your post, I had to pin it right away onto my Blogging pinboard. It is not making it impossible to pin your photos, as you have pointed out, but it is making it a bit harder, so people who just want to remember your post by pinning it will definitely not pin your more “private” photos (kids etc.) by accident or just because they think they’re cute. And with the other people, well… if a html code existed to keep the crazies, spammers, and the like off our blogs, we’d all add it! 😉

    • says

      Haha, yep that’s exactly right! This isn’t a fool-proof method, but it’s a gentle reminder for people who just want to remember your post by pinning it.

  33. ngnrdgrl says

    Good to know!!! I have put pictures (with links) from other blogs that are my inspiration so that viewers can see what I was going for. It would be great to use this code to encourage people to click over and pin from the original source. Ironically, I’m going to pin this so I can remember it when I want to use it. Thanks for the share!

  34. says

    hmmm, I just tried the nopin = “nopin” code with some photos, and it doesn’t work for me. I was mainly trying to keep things like background images, sidebar images from showing up as an option. But they still show up, and you can still pin them.

  35. says

    Jessi, I just saw this pinned (again with the irony), and I am pinning too. This is great information. I just tried it out with a craft post that had a lot of photos of my daughter. I double-checked my work by clicking “pin it” in my tool bar, and all of the photos of my daughter are now not available to be pinned. Brilliant, and so easy. Thanks!!!! ~Sally

  36. says

    Thank you for this post! The pictures on my blog are free game for the most part. I pin all of them! The trouble that I’m having is that I have a blogger widgets of recent posts at the top of my blog, and when people don’t use the pin it button under the photo I’ve put it with, and they use the pin it button on their tool bar, they pick the little thumb nails. They show up really small in pinterest. I would love to figure out how to prevent the photos in the widget from being pinned. I tried the code you provided, but it didn’t seem to work. Any ideas on that?

    • says

      The code for individual images only works if you can put it in the HTML image tag for that specific image. So, unfortunately, it doesn’t work for most plugins since the plugin generates the HTML for the thumbnails behind the scenes. I know it’s a bummer because sometimes there are pins of my “Popular Posts” thumbnails from the sidebar widget that lead to the wrong URL… :-(

      If you manually make a sidebar widget by writing your own text or HTML (like my little welcome blurb with the photo of me at the top of my sidebar), you can add the nopin code to that HTML to protect that image. But I don’t know of any solutions for plugins, sorry!

      • says

        Thank you for responding to me. :) It totally makes sense what you are saying. I would make my own html for the recent posts, but I don’t want to have to update them every time I post something new. I’ll have to see if there are any other options.
        Thanks so much!

        • says

          I just changed the thumbnail size to 80 down from 115 and the images are too small to pin now, so they don’t show up when you use the pin it button on the toolbar. The only problem is, I wonder if they are too small to even help drive traffic now. I just thought I’d let you know that tho. :)

  37. says

    hi Jessi

    thank you soooo much for the tips.
    i have been trying to get rid of the pinit for ages.
    unfortunately i tried and tried and couldn’t do it. i have no idea why. i could get into the HTML but nothing helped.
    what else can i do?`

    thank you so much!!


  38. says

    This was a GREAT post! In general we want anything and everything pinned from our site BUT I was trying to see if there was a way to make one specific page not pinnable. I originally thought I would just not include an image, problem solved, but if I do that the header and some side bar images still come up as pinnable for the page. I am thinking I can add the no pin tag to those images as a work around, but do you know if there is a way to make one specific page not pinnable? Thank you again, so much for all of the tips in this post!

    • says

      Glad it was helpful Kimber! Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to make one single page or post unpinnable; the only ways I know to do it is make the entire blog unpinnable, or do it picture by picture… I had to add the nopin code to some of my photos in the sidebar (like my headshot) to keep them from being pinnable for the page, but that’s the only way around it I know of. :-)

      • Geoff says

        A meta tag can be set for just a single page, versus the entire website. Thus, you should be able to do it just on the single page, if you can “inject” that tag on only that page.

  39. says

    I had been using this code since you posted about it, then all of a sudden WP was deleting if I edited the post in some other way, have I confused you? LOL. Anyway, I mentioned it in a blogging group and someone came up with this WP plugin. Pinterest Repellent – I have it installed and it has made life much easier. It was created to use with nopin=”nopin” :-)

    • says

      WP deletes this code from my posts all the time! It’s a huge hassle and I have to publish straight from the HTML view so it doesn’t do it, but I will definitely look into Pinterest Repellent, because if that solves the issue that will be a HUGE help! Thanks for the tip!

  40. says

    I’m attempting to make some of my photos pinnable, however for some reason they aren’t and I’m wondering if my entire blog has this code in it (which I cannot locate said code). Any ideas?

    • says

      Unless you manually added this code (or maybe have a plugin installed that has this code as part of it) your pictures should automatically be pinnable. I just visited your blog and all of your images are pinnable to me! What sort of problem are you having?

      • says

        When I get to the final Pin It, I get an error message when I get to the final pin click and it says: Whoops! Sorry we could not fetch the image. Everything else up to that point makes it look like it’s pinnable, but it just cannot actually do the pin.

        • says

          That’s super weird! Unfortunately I don’t know what to tell you. If you install this nopin code your image won’t even show up as an option when you first go to choose an image for your pin, so it sounds like your issue is related to something different. :-( Maybe google that error message and see if anyone else has been having the same issue? Good luck with it!

  41. says

    Thanks for the nopin image html! My blog banner gets pinned frequently, but it doesn’t look good on Pinterest. I was wondering how to remove that one image from the pin list. All I could find was the nopin for the entire site. Again, thanks for the info.

  42. Paul says

    Hi Jessi,
    Thanks for this tip, but I have discovered that when I edit posts in the HTML view to include the nopin code, when I save the edit, the code is stripped out! What is going on here? Is there a workaround? Thanks.


    • says

      Yep, WP automatically strips out unknown code when you switch from HTML view back to Visual view. It actually affects a lot of types of code like link party scripts or giveaway widgets as well as this nopin code. But if you look up in the comments a bit Ashley @ Forgetful Mama found a WP plugin that prevents it from pulling out the nopin code! It’s called Pinterest Repellent and it has worked great for me so far, so I suggest you try it out and hopefully it works for you too!

      • Paul says

        Thanks, Jessi.
        However, it is my understanding that if you have a “free” WordPress hosted site, there isn’t an option to install plugins, so I’m back where I started.

  43. says

    Great post! But here’s my main thing, though – use common sense. If you don’t want pictures of your kids all over Pinterest, don’t put pictures of your kids on the internet.

    • says

      Very true! But a lot of people just don’t think about that, like if they have a personal blog just for their family, but then a few years later it has grown a lot and has a bigger following. They probably didn’t realize it at the time, but you are absolutely correct: the only 100% fail-safe way to protect your photos is to not put them up there in the first place! :-)

  44. says

    Thank you for your help, I wish I would have known about this a whole lot sooner. At first I didn’t mind a few pins here and there , till one woman came through and had a pinterest feast and even took my banner, LOL my photo is embedded in it..

    Well thanks to you at least I have some protection. So much for posting a copyright and letting people know to ask for permission.


  45. Melissa says

    How can I get them to delete photos that are already pinned?
    I have a photo of me that is not even on my website, the photo however is of me holding one of my own art works so it is obvious that it is an infringement.

    Pinterest are NOT responding in any way to my contact emails and DMCA requests, so it feels like I am helpless.

    • says

      So sorry to hear that! The only way I know of is to report the pins to Pinterest when you find them by clicking the little flag on the pin itself. Whenever I’ve done that in the past Pinterest has removed the pins within a week or so.

  46. says

    Hello Do you know how I remove the pin it button from my header and side bar? Widgetsseem to be coded a bit different and I keep getting an error code

          • says

            That seems to be the standard Pinterest code to add the button. The only way I know of to hide the Pin It button when you have that code on your site is to use the nopin=”nopin” code inside of the tag. So you need to go into the backend files of your blog and add that nopin code to the tag for your header and sidebar images. It’s kind of a pain, but once you do it once, you don’t have to ever again unless you change the image! Be careful editing the actual files of your blog though; if you’re not comfortable with it I’m sure you can find someone who can help you, or do it for you.

      • Zenia says



        These are the two images and then there are few images on my blog post from which I want to remove the pin it option from.

        Or is there a code that can be applied to only few pictures that I actually want to give a pin it option n rest remains unaffected .

        • says

          Hmm, that didn’t show up as HTML… But basically if you want to make a single image unpinnable, in the HTML of your post where you have inserted the image, it should look like this: (just put the code below between and open bracket < and a close bracket > and change ImageURL to the URL of your actual image)
          img src=”ImageURL” nopin=”nopin”

  47. Jana Williams says

    I feel like a complete idiot because I don’t know exactly where to go to pin the “no pin” code! I have the code and I know what to do when I get there but I don’t know where I am supposed to go? I am not this bad at most things but I always seem to have problems using a computer! I ha ve not posted a blog before on pinterest so what do I next? I would greatly appreciate ANY help I can get, as I have looked everywhere for answers! I guess I am more visual and if I knew what I was looking for it would be a lot easier! Thank you so much and have a blessed day! Jana

      • Jana Williams says

        Jessi Thanks so much for writing me back! I can’t believe how hard it has been trying to find some answers on this matter, I’ve looked everywhere online! Someone was trying to charge me for any kind of help, So Thank You Again! I know what to do to insert that bit of code, my problem is I have never written a blog before on Pinterest and I don’t know how or where to go to write a blog? I know it sounds crazy but on my home page I don’t see anything about where to go to write blogs, if I knew how to get there than I would be fine! I don’t know if there is any way you can see my Pinterest page or not? It shouldn’t be so hard to do something so simple; there should just be a button you could push to keep others from pinning! I am sorry to bother you again but I appreciate any help I can get! Have a Blessed Day…Jana Williams

        • says

          What sort of photos are you trying to protect from being on Pinterest Jana? This code works for bloggers who share posts with photos they don’t want on Pinterest. If you have a blog or a website where you share photos, the code will work for you. But it doesn’t work for anything already on Pinterest.

  48. says

    Thanks so much for this tip! I’ve used the code for months on single images, but now I am wondering if there is a way to use it for a gallery of photos? The html for the gallery is [gallery type="rectangular" ids="449,450,469,452,454,456,457,470,471,460,461,462,459,463,464"] so could/would it go in those brackets? Thanks if anybody can help!

    • says

      I’ve only ever used it on single images before, so I don’t know if it will work for a gallery. I think it’s tied to working within the tag, but I don’t know for sure. If anybody figures it out I’d love to hear about it!

  49. says

    I am someone that had a family blog that was just for family that sort of evolved into a place to share my photography. As I learned my craft I was sharing images with the family & then eventually friends…….and then had my images of my kids & myself stolen & used to create a fake Facebook life by someone. It was traumatic & upsetting. I’m so happy you wrote this. I have seen the option in WP to disable pins on specific posts. I have not used it since I have almost completely stopped sharing images of my family. But I am so happy to know how to disable on individual images. Like when I have a guest poster who will repost & want the credit on their site later – or when I’m doing features. Great post Jessi!! Bottom line is that it’s so sad that people think that because they see something they like that it’s okay to just take it. They completely suck the joy out of sharing ones creations or happy moments. But they do it & we have to be wary of it. Thank you for discussing it.

  50. says

    Hi, I have a question! I have a banner on my page. It’s a photo. I’m not sure how I will put the no pin on that. I tried just putting the code you said in the description box on the configure header widget, but that didn’t work. I could really use your help! :)

    keely /// life, love, and exploration


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