Quick & Easy Campfire Meals

best campfire meals

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Love camping? Your next camping trip is about to get a whole lot better with these delicious, easy campfire meals! You can make every single one of these over an open flame in your campfire, and they’re easy to prepare!

Best Campfire Meals

1. Burritos over the campfire are the best way to wake up!

campfire breakfast burritos

Enjoy the first meal of the day in the great outdoors by serving everyone with amazing campfire style breakfast burritos. This simple hearty dish is nutritious and will keep you going for hours of camping fun.

See the full instructions on Taste and Tell.

2. These campfire roasted orange treats are like a warm hug

campfire orange cinnamon rolls

Trust me, nothing will get you and the kids out of your tent faster than the smell of these orange cinnamon rolls. The amazing flavor combination is truly a match made in heaven! Eat it while it’s still warm and gooey!

See the full instructions on Oleander and Palm.

3. Bring out the classic apple pie! (Made campfire friendly with foil)

campfire apple pie in foil packets

Dare I say, these are even better than s’mores? These campfire apple pie packets are so simple, and you don’t even have to peel the apples first. All you have to do is cook it right in the foil. TADAH! Perfect single-servings for everyone!

See the full instructions on The Country Cook.

4. Get the sleepiest little camper out of the sleeping bag with this campfire french toast

campfire french toast

When you’re at your cabin or camper this weekend, try this campfire French toast. It’s just like the tasty French toast you make at home, but simplified and cooked right in aluminum foil in your campfire! It’s a great treat on a chilly morning. Best enjoyed with a steaming cup of coffee.

See the full instructions on This Lil Piglet.

5. Bring urban delight straight to your campsite

campfire philly cheesesteak sandwich

This recipe is seriously to die for! If you want a yummy alternative to hot dogs and hamburgers for those hungry campers, this Philly cheesesteak sandwich that you make in foil in your campfire is what you need. It’s best when you heat the sandwich all the way through so that the cheese all melts.

See the full instructions on Twin Dragonfly Designs.

6. Customize your s’mores with endless possibilities

campfire food - fruit and s'more cones

Move over boring s’mores! These fruit and s’more cones are way better. What I like about this recipe is that it’s incredibly easy to make and not as messy as the original. The gooey marshmallow-filled campfire cones add that fun element and the foil keeps the fillings together (which is very convenient). You’ll never look at s’mores the same way again.

See the full instructions on Kids Activities Blog.

7. No need to hassle with these easy to assemble sausage and veggie foil pack meals

easy tin foil campfire sausage and veggies dinner

No cleanup for dinner? That would be a dream come true, right? Especially when you’re out camping. Packed with sausage, tons of veggies, and the best seasoning mix, this is the best camping dinner ever!

See the full instructions on Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

8. Never be lost in the woods without pizza again

How to Make Campfire Pizza from Scratch

Where there is a will, there is a way. Just because you’re out camping doesn’t mean you can’t have pizza! Make this delicious pizza in your campfire!

See the full instructions on Fresh Off the Grid.

9. Camping just isn’t camping without chicken barbecue potatoes (campfire foil packet style!)

bbq chicken potato foil packet campfire meal

BBQ chicken is always delicious, whether it’s made in a foil packet over a campfire or not!

See the full instructions on Life With 4 Boys.

10. Go beyond the classic camping dessert with a campfire skillet

pound cake and berry campfire skillet dessert

Needed another excuse to go camping? Here it is! Make a pound cake and berry campfire skillet if you want to try something new for dessert. With all the fun colors, this is truly the prettiest campfire dessert we’ve ever seen.

See the full instructions on Taste and Tell.

11. These foil packet campfire chili cheese fries are a godsend

campfire foil packet chili cheese fries

Treat yourself with campfire chili cheese fries. Thanks to The Kitchen Magpie, you can now indulge your kids (and yourself) with one of their favorite treats during your family’s outdoor fun.

See the full instructions on The Kitchen Magpie.

12. This delicious campfire chili and cornbread is the perfect comfort meal

campfire chili and cornbread

Seeking a warm, comforting meal to satisfy your bellies in the cool evening? This campfire meal is just what you’re looking for. You won’t be able to get enough of the spicy and smoky chili that soaks into the bottom of the sweet cornbread. Yum!

See the full instructions on HonestlyYUM.

13. Bring your all-time favorite out to the campfire

campfire mac and cheese in tin foil packets

Comfort food alert! Making a campfire mac n’ cheese is a fun way to bring the comforts of home to the campsite. Loaded with creamy, warm, gooey comforting goodness, you’ll be happy you made it!

See the full instructions on Lauren’s Latest.

14. Bring the taste of Hawaii to your campsite with these BBQ grilled campfire ham and pineapple skewers

campfire hawaiian ham and pineapple skewers

Get your grill on! This is perfect if you want a quick dinner over the campfire or a great appetizer. These ham and pineapple kebabs are so much fun to make and you’ll definitely love combination of sweet and savory.

See the full instructions on The Recipe Rebel.

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