16 DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

16 Adorable & Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

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Looking for some inspiration for adorable baby costumes for Halloween this year? It can be super easy to create awesome DIY baby Halloween costumes at home; just check out these great ideas!

16 DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

1. Adorable tulle and lace tutu ghost costume

baby ghost costume

I mean, isn’t that the cutest thing you have ever seen?! If you’re looking for a sweet, adorable baby costume that’s all “wow!” try this friendly ghost idea!

See the full instructions on Do It Yourself Divas.

2. Make this picture-perfect panda bear costume from a onesie!

baby panda bear costume

This cutesy panda bear costume makes a wonderful, cute, and cuddly look for your little one to show off and be adorable in for Halloween. And so easy to make!

See the full instructions on  C.R.A.F.T.

3. Dress up your little love bug in this BB-8 costume

baby bb-8 costume

This little BB-8 costume is actually quite simple to put together and will look adorable on your baby. The no-sew tutu and a quick no-sew headband are a plus! You could even make a Finn and Rey costume to make it a whole family affair!

See the full instructions on Practically Functional.

4. This koala bear onesie will definitely display your love for animals

baby koala bear costume

Make their first Halloween a very memorable one by styling them with this bear-y adorable look.

See the full instructions on  C.R.A.F.T.

5. Your little one will look good enough to eat with this DIY no-sew donut costume

baby donut costume

Look at this! We could just eat this little donut up. Make it a fun family theme by matching this costume to an adult version or add a cup of coffee to yours.

See the full instructions on Atkinson Drive.

6. You’ll have no trouble locating your little veggie in this bright carrot outfit

diy baby carrot costume

This oh-so-cute lil’ carrot costume and hat is full of vitamin A — for Adorable! Halloween may be a perfect time to teach your child the importance of eating their veggies.

See the full instructions on C.R.A.F.T.

7. Your baby will be snug and warm with this no-sew baby chicken costume

baby chicken costume

A first costume should be as cute and cuddly as the wearer. And one made of soft, felt feathers will be just that.

See the full instructions on Fun at Home With Kids.

8. Get your little princess ready for a magical night under the sea!

baby mermaid costume

Full of oceanic appeal, this mermaid costume keeps your baby swimming in cute design and comfort. The tail is so easy to make; you just need elastic, strips of tulle, and shells.

See the full instructions on The Pinning Mama.

9. Unwrap the fun with this cute mummy costume

baby mummy costume

What’s the perfect way to complement your mummy costume? It’s to have your baby wearing an adorable matching outfit, of course! Your tiny little mummy can stay ultra-cozy and warm while dressing up. This is the perfect last minute costume.

See the full instructions on Craft-O-Maniac.

10. Go on a “Where’s Waldo” adventure this Halloween with your baby on this adorable outfit

baby where's waldo costume

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, you may want to take a quick look through their bedtime books. Waldo is everyone’s favorite striped hero. Looks like this will be so fun to put together!

See the full instructions on Make It and Love It.

11. Here is how to go from holding your infant like a football to turning him into one

baby football costume

If you’ve got one big kid and one small and the eldest is into sports, then this costume is just perfect!

See the full instructions on Blue i Style Blog.

12. Fresh fruit and chunky babies

baby pineapple costume

Imagine your baby sporting piña colada? Fruit costumes are a hit at every Halloween event. So go tropical with this pineapple baby costume!

See the full instructions on Lines Across.

13. Make this beautiful rainbow fish costume from pieces of felt (no-sew!)

baby rainbow fish costume

If you’re looking for a group costume idea, get your whole family to be fish, mermaids, and scuba divers. And don’t you just love the eyes on this DIY fish costume? It’s made with stretchable headband and a styrofoam ball.

See the full instructions on  See Vanessa Craft.

14. This easy to make octopus costume won’t be tricky, but a treat!

baby octopus costume

This sea creature costume is just pure genius! Your baby will love playing with the colored legs which are made from fabric and stuffing.

See the full instructions on Taylor Made.

15. This cow baby costume is udder-ly cute and cozy!

baby cow costume

Whoever says cows aren’t cute hasn’t seen this adorable costume. Just one look at this cow baby will melt even the toughest of hearts!

See the full instructions on Make It and Love It.

16. You’ll love this unique short stack pancake costume

baby pancake costume

In keeping with the food-costume theme, now you can actually dress up your baby with the breakfast your family always eats with this funny stacked pancakes costume!

See the full instructions on Two Twenty One.

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