17 Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

17 Gorgeous & Colorful Gender Neutral Nurseries

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You don’t need to decorate in pink or blue to have a gorgeous nursery! And you don’t need to stick to white and ivory for a gender neutral nursery either; you can have a colorful nursery even if you avoid pink and blue. If you don’t know the sex of your baby, or just don’t want to stick with stereotypical nursery colors, check out these gorgeous gender neutral nursery ideas!

17 Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

1. “He will move mountains” inspired nursery

"He will move mountains" inspired nursery

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” by John Muir. You can clearly feel the longing for adventure in this beautiful nursery.

See the full instructions on Leclair Decor.

2. Little paradise and oasis all in one

Little paradise nursery oasis

If ever there were a nursery destined for greatness, it would be this little spot. It’s a calming baby oasis filled with cozy rugs and fluffy stuffed animals. It’s the perfect comfy place for mommy to calm a crying baby at 3am.

See the full instructions on Delightfully Chic.

3. Geometric, monochrome, and cool all over

geometric and monochrome nursery

This could be the black and white nursery of our dreams! A perfect example of a modern nursery that gets accessorizing in black and white just right.

See the full instructions on Inspired by This.

4. Rustic woodland inspired nursery

rustic woodland inspired nursery

This reminds me of the cozy cabin in the mountains. Fit for a mini outdoor lover! Don’t you love that gorgeous rustic wood wall?!

See the full instructions on Pretty in Prints.

5. A happy and colorful nursery

happy colorful nursery

Love bright colors? What’s lovely about this is that it adds an instant burst of sunshine whatever the weather! When it’s grey and gloomy outside, neon nursery decor will brighten up your day, and when skies are blue it’s even better!

See the full instructions on A Beautiful Mess.

6. Charming vintage haven

vintage industrial nursery

Rooms that have interesting pieces with stories are always the best, and that’s what makes this space unique (especially that vintage car!!!). Today’s trend will always be tomorrow’s vintage, so a vintage room will always be in style!

See the full instructions on Colour Saturated Life.

7. Love for the great outdoors

outdoor chic nursery

If you like the idea of an outdoor themed nursery but don’t want it to look too campy or too rustic, this nursery designed by The DIY Playbook is perfect! Love the bold patterns and texture!

See the full instructions on The DIY Playbook.

8. Calm and serene baby sanctuary

whimsical forest nursery

This is the perfect soothing environment for your baby! To complete the look, add a comfy sheepskin rug to help soothe your tired feet while you rock the baby to sleep.

See the full instructions on The Marion House Book.

9. Bright and cheery abstract style

bright and cheery abstract nursery

Oh my goodness! This beautiful space designed by Karly Hand screams modern with its black, white, and grey walls and furniture with pops of bright color.

See the full instructions on Erin Williamson Design.

10. Soft and Cuddly

Soft and cuddly nursery

Your little one will enjoy counting sheep in this inspired nursery. With soft neutral colors, fluffy fabrics, and sheep stuffed toys, a lamb nursery is calming and comfortable.

See the full instructions on Jenny Steffens Hobick For Everyday Occasions.

11. Classic styles remain timeless

classic nursery

The definition of a picture perfect traditional nursery, crib skirt and all! There’s simply something magical about a quintessential nursery – overflowing with classic forms and a ton of function. And once you find out the gender, you can just add a more gender specific pop of color if you wish.

See the full instructions on The Little Umbrella.

12. Less cutesy, more chic

abstract chic nursery

Instead of going overboard for cutesy designs, introduce it in a more abstract way. A few simple details and splashes of delicate color are enough to create tasteful surroundings that are easy on the eyes.

See the full instructions on The Brick House.

13. Nautical Dream

nautical dream nursery

Adventure is out there! This nautical nursery theme is so good. This is every little babies’ oasis crafted with adventure at every turn; what more could you ask for?

See the full instructions on Sarah Tucker.

14. Neutral color palettes

neutral color palette nursery

If you want a gender neutral nursery, using a black and white color palette is always practical! It’s so versatile, and you can always add pops of color later if you want!

15. Modern bohemian

modern bohemian nursery

Loving the boho chic trend? Create a modern boho inspired nursery space for your little bohemian and achieve that contemporary-yet-relaxed vibe you’ve always wanted.

See the full instructions on Lot801.

16. Pacific Northwest style

pacific northwest style nursery

No pink and blue, no problem. This room has the perfect mix of different elements. As soon as you enter the room, you can just sense the organic, earthy vibe and bright ambiance!

See the full instructions on East Coast Creative.

17. Coastal-inspired nursery nook

coastal inspired nursery

If you love calming blues and greens and everything beach-inspired, why not decorate the nursery like a tropical getaway? You can almost feel the warm ocean breeze with this nostalgic coastal collection!

See the full instructions on Glitter Guide.

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