DIY Hanging Storage Bins For Over The Toilet Storage

When we bought our house, the main bathroom upstairs had been recently renovated by the previous owners, and I LOVED the way it looked! Everything was pretty, and white, and had that traditional look that I love. The only problem was the pedestal sink. Gorgeous? Absolutely! Functional? Not so much… Pedestal sinks don’t have any storage underneath, and they don’t usually have flat counter space around the sink either, so the lack of storage can be a real problem. But I solved the problem by adding DIY hanging storage bins over the toilet, and now we have tons of functional and stylish storage!

DIY hanging storage bins for over the toilet storage

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We had a pedestal sink in our apartment too, and I shared another simple wall-mounted storage solution that I used in that bathroom. But in this bathroom we had this big blank wall above the toilet, and I figured it was the perfect opportunity to utilize that space!

The other issue in this bathroom was the accessories like the towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc. They functioned, but they were kinda rounded and modern and didn’t really match the traditional look of the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom. Moen offered to send me some GORGEOUS bathroom accessories from their Belfield line that match our bathroom fixtures perfectly, so of course I said yes!

DIY Hanging Storage Bins

The total time for this project depends on how you want to configure your hanging storage bins. It actually only took me half an hour to get the hanging storage set up, but I wanted to install all of the other new Moen bathroom accessories as well. The whole project took me about an hour to uninstall the current accessories and get all the new ones up, along with installing the hanging storage.

  • 60 minutes (time spent doing stuff)
  • 0 minutes (time spent waiting around)
  • 60 minutes (total project time)



Here’s what the bathroom looked like before.

DIY hanging storage bins for over the toilet storage

It’s not bad, but the only storage we had near the sink is the top of the toilet tank and a small 3” wide glass shelf above the sink. Yikes!

DIY hanging storage bins for over the toilet storage

I started by taking down the existing towel bars, hand towel bar, and toilet paper holder. Then I replaced those with new Moen Belfield accessories.

Next I installed two 18” towel bars above the toilet to hang my storage bins from.

I bought four woven baskets and two acrylic cosmetic cups for this system, but you can customize it based on your needs and the size of your space!

For each storage bin or accessory that you hang from a towel bar, you’ll need two S hooks that are large enough to go over the towel bar. I used 2-1/4” S hooks and they were perfect! You will also need two smaller S hooks to attach to the baskets themselves and two lengths of chain to hang the baskets. I just sorta held the baskets up under the towel bars to determine the best chain length so that they were far enough down from the towel bar that we could put stuff in the baskets without issue, but not so far down that they ran into the other towel bar or toilet below.

I “cut” the chain to length by counting out the links I wanted, then prying apart the link above it with pliers to break the chain.

For the acrylic cosmetic cups, I drilled a hole in either side of the middle cup so that I could put an S hook through it.

DIY hanging storage bins for over the toilet storage

Once your towel bars are installed and your chain is cut to length, all that’s left to do is hang everything up!

Put the large S hooks on your towel bar, hang the chains from the hooks, add a small S hook, then attach your baskets or cups.

DIY hanging storage bins for over the toilet storage

DIY hanging storage bins for over the toilet storage

If you’re worried about the basket swinging too much or not hanging level, add a small finish nail through the basket and into the wall behind it to hold it in place.

And you’re done!

DIY hanging storage bins for over the toilet storage

Fill it with all your bathroom stuff, and enjoy gorgeous, functional storage!

DIY hanging storage bins for over the toilet storage

So much better than before!

DIY hanging storage bins for over the toilet storage

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Disclosure: I received compensation from Moen in exchange for my participation in this campaign, and my honest discussion of their products. But the Moen Belfield bathroom accessories are seriously amazing and all opinions in this post are 100% my own. I would never write a post about something I didn’t think was useful or interesting for you guys, and Practically Functional will only publish sponsored posts for companies or products I love and believe in! 🙂


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