DIY Pumpkin Porch Light For Halloween

Now that we’ve finished painting the front steps and painting the front door, the front of our house is looking pretty nice! So when I came across this cute plastic pumpkin pail in Walmart the other day, I thought it would be great as a light cover on our front porch! The pail was only $1, and it turned out SUPER awesome on the front porch. It took me less than five minutes to get it set up, so if you want to add some fun color to your front porch to welcome trick or treaters this year, try making this super simple DIY pumpkin porch light!

DIY pumpkin porch light

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DIY Pumpkin Porch Light For Halloween

  • 5 minutes (time spent doing stuff)
  • 0 minutes (time spent waiting around)
  • 5 minutes (total project time)




First, measure your porch light and figure out how big the opening in the pumpkin needs to be to fit over the light. The opening in this pumpkin pail that I used is 5”, but our light is 7” in diameter. So I grabbed a sturdy pair of scissors and cut the opening to make it a little larger.

DIY pumpkin porch light

To make the opening large enough I had to cut away the part of the pail where the handle was attached, so I made two new holes for the handle with my cordless drill. You can also just use something sharp and poky, like a super skinny knife or a nail to make new holes. Reattach the handle, and you’re ready to go!

All that’s left to do is stand up on a step stool, and slide the pumpkin pail up over your porch light! I put the handle up over the top of the light fixture to make sure the pumpkin doesn’t fall off in a strong wind.

And you’re done!

DIY pumpkin porch light

It’s pretty cute, even during the day when it’s still light out, but it looks AMAZING at night!

DIY pumpkin porch light

The purple glow covers our entire porch, which is awesome!

DIY pumpkin porch light

Walmart has these pumpkin pails in purple, orange, green, and blue, so pick whatever color you like best!

DIY pumpkin porch light

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