How To Fake Antique Chippy Paint With Vaseline!

Who else loves that awesome chippy paint look that you find on really old furniture?! There are a bunch of ways to fake that antiqued look, but one of my favorites is to use Vaseline. There’s no sanding, no forcefully chipping paint off or scrubbing it off; the Vaseline technique is so simple and easy to do and it comes out looking great every time! Plus you have a lot of control over just how chippy it looks; you can easily let large patches show through, or just small scratches if you only want it to look slightly aged.

Get a chippy antique paint look with vaseline; this is so easy to do, I never knew!

How To Fake Antique Chippy Paint With Vaseline!

Here’s what you need:

  • something to paint (a frame, a piece of furniture, whatever you want!)
  • paint for the base color (it doesn’t matter what kind of paint; I used spray paint but you can use craft paint, interior paint, exterior paint, chalk paint, anything you want!)
  • paint for the top color (same note as above)
  • Vaseline
  • paintbrush
  • rag or paper towel

I chose a solid black for my base coat and a brushed metallic champagne color for the top coat. But you can choose any combo you want! Just remember that your top color will be the main color, but the base coat will show through at the corners and edges.

How To Fake An Antique Chippy Painted Look With Vaseline!-2

Start by painting your entire piece with your base coat color. I used spray paint because it goes on quick and easy!

How To Fake An Antique Chippy Painted Look With Vaseline!-3

Once the base coat is dry, take a small dab of Vaseline on your paint brush and very gently brush it over the corners and edges of your piece, or anywhere else you want the top color to chip off. This is where you control how chippy the finished look is. If you get a lot of Vaseline on a corner or edge, a lot of paint will show through at the end. If you only use a small amount of Vaseline you will only get a little bit of paint showing through.

The photo below is about a “medium” amount of Vaseline on the edges. If the Vaseline “gobs up” anywhere you’re going to get a larger chippy spot, so if you want a lightly chipped look, be really sparing with the Vaseline!

This is what most of the edges looked like before I painted the top coat, but you can see in the finished photo that there are a few spots where I added more Vaseline and those spots ended up with larger “chips” of paint.

How To Fake An Antique Chippy Painted Look With Vaseline!-4

After you’ve applied the Vaseline everywhere you want, paint the top color. Again I used spray paint because it’s quick and easy, and it is easy to apply without messing up the Vaseline.

The top coat may look a little weird and bumpy because of the Vaseline, but don’t worry about that!

How To Fake An Antique Chippy Painted Look With Vaseline!-5

Once the top coat of paint is dry, gently rub away the color at the corners and edges with a rag or paper towel. The top color should easily rub away everywhere you applied Vaseline!

How To Fake An Antique Chippy Painted Look With Vaseline!-6

Once you’ve gotten rid of the Vaseline and top coat of paint on the corners, you’re done!

I made this frame for our baby’s first photograph! What a little cutie!

Did you know you can fake antique chippy paint with vaseline?! It's so easy to do, this tutorial will show you how!

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    Nice, will try it soon!

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    What a great way to get the chipped look without the hassle. Love it!! Love the pic of your baby too 🙂

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