FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Products & Caddy From Grove Collaborative!

Everything you need to know about Grove Collaborative AND how to get FREE Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products and a caddy with your first order!

Grove Collaborative always has awesome freebies available with a $20 purchase, but supplies vary and sometimes they run out of one freebie and substitute in another. If you want the specific freebie you see advertised, make sure you place your order right away before it sells out!

We had friends stay with us over the weekend, and after a few days they asked me where I got all my awesome soaps. 🙂

If you’ve been to our house, you know that there is a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap and hand lotion at every sink, Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap in the kitchen, and the rest of my awesome all natural cleaning supplies in a cute little cleaning caddy next to the kitchen sink. I absolutely LOVE my Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products from Grove Collaborative, and I have them ALL OVER the house!

Turns out, our friends’ timing was perfect because Grove Collaborative is giving away free Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products and a free cleaning caddy throughout the whole month of January! Anyone who wants to can start their own collection of great-smelling, super awesome cleaning products in their home by clicking here!

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FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Products & Cleaning Caddy Kit!

The free Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products and cleaning caddy kit includes:

Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap

Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap

Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Spray

Grove Matte Cleaning Caddy

Grove Walnut Scrubber Sponges

Free Shipping & 60 day VIP trial!

The free kit is available through Grove Collaborative. Haven’t heard of Grove before? They are an online subscription service whose mission is to make sure that getting the absolute best, non-toxic, all-natural cleaning, household, and personal care products is totally effortless and affordable! Check out more info on what Grove Collaborative offers and why I love them here!

I started using Mrs. Meyer’s products a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. They’re made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, in scents inspired by a backyard garden. They are natural and gentle, but pack a serious punch when it comes to dirt and grime! Plus they smell AMAZING!

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These all natural cleaning products are amazing for keeping your home clean and smelling great! Plus it’s always easier to do a load of dishes when your soap smells like Basil or Geranium. 🙂

And I use the gorgeous, multi-functional matte caddy for corralling extra products until we’re ready to use them. (It’s also a stylish way to round up cleaning products, gardening tools, or the kids’ summer art supplies!)

Another way I make sure I never run out of my favorite products is by using Grove Collaborative. Grove delivers the best natural products right to my doorstep, on my schedule. I get a monthly shipment but I can change up the products in it every month, move the shipment date to later or earlier, or even cancel it all together if I don’t need anything that month!

They make creating a healthy, beautiful home effortless and affordable. I’ve also discovered some of my favorite cleaning products through Grove. Here are some products I think you should try:

  • Mrs. Meyer’s hand lotion $4.99
  • Grove Collaborative cleaning gloves $6.95
  • Grove Collaborative walnut scrubber sponges $3.95
  • method Antibac bathroom cleaner $2.99
  • Full Circle grunge buster grout and tile brush $6.99
  • Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap FREE
  • Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap FREE
  • Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface spray FREE
  • Grove matte cleaning caddy FREE
  • Grove walnut scrubber sponges FREE

You’ll get all these products for $25.87 plus free shipping when you place your first order from Grove Collaborative! And when you sign up for Grove right now, you’ll also get a free 60 day VIP trial. For 60 days, you’ll save even more with free shipping, free gifts, price matching, exclusive sales, and personal service.

Now is a great time to give Grove Collaborative a try (even if it’s just for the freebies!)

Get your free Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products and caddy with your first $20 purchase by clicking here.

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Already a Grove Collaborative customer? No worries, you know they always have a great deal! You can get a free set of walnut scrubber sponges by clicking here!

FREE Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Products & Caddy From Grove Collaborative!

So, how do I get my free Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Products & Caddy?

1. Click here to visit Grove Collaborative and get the free cleaning products + free caddy + free shipping + a 60 day free VIP trial. If you’re already a Grove customer, you’ll get a free set of walnut scrubber sponges added to your cart when you click that link.

2. Answer a few quick questions about your home and Grove will auto-fill your cart with $20 worth of suggested products to help you get started. But you can always change it around if you don’t like the suggestions; there are tons of amazing products available!

3. Finalize your cart. If you want to go with the suggested products, go for it! If you want to change stuff around, you can do that too! Just make sure you have at least $20 worth of stuff in your cart in order to get the free Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products and caddy at checkout.

4. Check out and place your order! Your free cleaning kit will be added to your order, and your products will arrive in a few days!

FREE Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Products & Caddy From Grove Collaborative!

This awesome deal ends Thursday night, January 31. Supplies are limited, and this is always a super popular deal, so make sure you grab it before time runs out or before it sells out!

Free Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products and cleaning caddy from Grove Collaborative

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Disclosure: I’m thrilled to be partnering with Grove Collaborative as an affiliate, which means I get a small commission if you make a purchase using any of my links. But I seriously LOVE Grove Collaborative, all of their products, and the amazing service they provide, and all opinions in this post are 100% my own. I would never write a post about something I didn’t think was useful or interesting for you guys, and Practically Functional will only publish sponsored posts for companies or products I love and believe in! 🙂

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Reader Interactions

  1. Vickie says

    5 years ago

    I received my free starter kit today but disappointed that the white tray I was to get wasn’t included in the box

    • Jessi Wohlwend says

      5 years ago

      Reach out to Grove’s customer service; they’re usually pretty quick to respond and they’re always willing to fix mistakes like that!

  2. Eva says

    5 years ago

    I never revived my products and was charged

    • Jessi Wohlwend says

      5 years ago

      Contact the Grove customer support team, they should be able to help you!

  3. Penny Baunach says

    5 years ago

    I received some products but not sure if I will be charged or sent more items. Can it be clarified.

    • Jessi Wohlwend says

      5 years ago

      If you go to Grove’s website you can log in to your account there and make any changes you need to. You can see your purchase history and place any future orders on their site.

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