How to Clean Your House in 10 Minutes

Hello friends! I am so thrilled to have the privilege of posting on Practically Functional today! I’m a wife and mother to a 16-month old son named Shepard, and we have one more boy on the way, due in February.


In between my full-time career as a marketing director, I’m changing diapers, cooking comfort food (my favorite!), and hanging by the beach. Our family enjoys being outdoors in our beautiful sunny home state of Florida and traveling. I hope you stop by my blog, Everyday Happiness, to hear about our adventures as newbie parents, house projects, tips for balancing work and family, and my favorite recipes. Today, I’m sharing my tips and tricks on how to clean your house in 10 minutes!

These tips and tricks will teach you how to clean your home in just 10 minutes!

How to Clean Your Home in 10 Minutes

I promise, cleaning and tidying your home in just 10 minutes is possible. In fact, when my son was just two months old, my husband and I decided to put our home up for sale. This meant that anytime our realtor called us, we had to have our house in tiptop shape.

Despite baby bottles, breast pumps (yes, plural), half-eaten lunches, and stained onesies lying around, I had to find a way to get my house looking clean, usually within a 10-minute window after Shep went down for a nap.

While this 10-minute clean-up plan won’t leave your house spotless, it will leave it looking mighty presentable, and at the end of a long day, that’s all we really need, right?

  1. First, prioritize the most important areas of your home that will get the most traffic by your guests. If the master bedroom and bath are off limits, focus your energy on your kitchen and living room. If the kids’ bedrooms may or may not be seen, leave those for last.
  2. Get started, and don’t stop until your 10 minutes is up (seriously, I would recommend setting an alarm especially if you know 10 minutes is all you have). In the kitchen, clear off as much clutter as possible from your counter tops, and if in doubt, put it away. All cleaning supplies (even dish soap) should get placed under your sink. Put any food away in the pantry or kitchen (no one wants to see your dish of brownies, however delicious, unless they get to eat them.)
  3. Clean off your counter tops with a cleaner that smells pleasant, I love Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Geranium Scent All-Purpose Cleaner. Nothing is worse than a too-clean smell that detracts from a pleasant candle. Make sure to eyeball your cabinets and walls for any spills from the week before. Lastly, take out your trash and replace with clean liners.
  4. Now, to the living room. Vacuum area rugs (this is worth the time) and put any kids’ toys or shoes away in their respective rooms. Fluff and place your throw pillows where they belong. Open up your curtains to let in fresh sunlight. Lastly, place any remote controls out of eyesight.
  5. If you have a formal dining room, put out table settings and make sure they are clean and straight. Make sure any clutter is out of this room, and that your bar or console is set up to serve your guests.
  6. In the kids’ rooms, do a quick sweep. Get all dirty clothes off the ground and into hampers, close closet doors (no time for that!) and straighten up bedding. Clear off any dressers and open up the curtains.
  7. Finally, light a candle or set out fresh flowers. Voila, your home is in shape for your guests!

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Jessi Wohlwend

I believe that anyone can do crafts and DIY projects, regardless of skill or experience. I love sharing simple craft ideas, step by step DIY project tutorials, cleaning hacks, and other tips and tricks all with one goal in mind: giving you the tools you need to “do it yourself”, complete fun projects, and make awesome things!

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  1. Karen M. Roth says

    9 years ago

    Thank you so very much for the Clean Sweep of a Ten Minutes worth of Cleaning. (Pun intended, lol) These tips are also great for those of us who suffer from Chronic Hidden Illnesses. I know I have learned a thing or two thanks to this article you shared so Thank You!

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