Protect Your Photos From Being Pinned On Pinterest

Ok, let me start out by saying that I absolutely LOVE Pinterest, and you all have my permission to pin anything you find on my blog to Pinterest. Seriously, pin away!

That said, thereĀ are some people who do not want their images pinned to Pinterest for one reason or another. Luckily for them, Pinterest has a very simple way to protect your photos from being pinned!

Tutorial: Prevent a photo from being pinned on Pinterest (useful for photos of family, copyrighted work, or if you're featuring another blogger's work and want to make sure they get the credit!)

Yes, I do see the irony in having that “Pin It” button right there, thanks šŸ™‚

A lot of people use Pinterest, but I don’t think every person who uses Pinterest actually reads through the terms when they sign up. Cuz seriously, who does that?!

Anyway, the point is there was a bunch of hullaballoo about Pinterest’s terms recently (I’m sure you can Google it and find all the details; I’m not going to go into them here). Basically, people were very worried that once an image is pinned to Pinterest, they no longer have control over it.

Some of those people are professional photographers who wanted to retain rights to their photos, some of those people are moms who didn’t want pictures of their kids floating around the internet, some of those people are bloggers who feature other people’s work but want the credit (and pins) to go to the original source…

Whatever the reason, sometimes it just makes sense to keep some of your stuff off Pinterest. (Stacy from Not Just A Housewife had a crazy experience with a staged photo that was pinned and taken out of contextĀ a while ago)

So if you fall into any of those categories, there are two options for you.

By the way, if you’re reading this post on a mobile device, the code I share below might appear cut off by the edge of the screen. If this happens to you, just load this post on a full sized computer screen and it will display the full code!

1. Prevent a specific image on your site from being pinned to Pinterest

Before I pin anything from anyone’s blog, I always try to check their terms to see if they say anything about whether or not they would like their stuff pinned. And I see something like this ALL THE TIME:

“Please feel free to pin any images of projects you find on this site as long as the pin links back to my blog. However, please do not pin any images of my children, husband, or any other family members.”

Fair. Totally fair.

But if you’re worried that people won’t read your terms before pinning, or won’t respect your wishes, here’s a little piece of code to help you out.

nopin = "nopin"

Just add that code in the HTML of your post, inside your img tag, and that specific image will not be available for users to pin. When you are writing a new post or editing an old one, you can usually view the HTML of your post by clicking the HTML view tab. Then look for the img tag of your photo; it should look something like this:

<img style="border: 0px;" src="" width="206" height="74" nopin = "nopin" />

Just copy that nopin code in right before the closing bracket and your image will be protected!

If I used this code to create my signature image at the bottom of the post, it would make it so that no one can pin my signature from this post. The graphic image at the top of this post would still be available for pinning, as would everything else on my blog, but this signature would be excluded from possible pins.

NOTE: WordPress likes to try to do you a favor by pulling out any unknown code from your HTML whenever you switch from HTML view back to Visual view. This can be great in case you don’t close a tag properly, but it does mean that WP will pull out the nopin code. You have two options: Add the nopin code last, and schedule or publish right from the HTML view without switching back to the Visual view, or Ashley from Forgetful MamaĀ told me about a WP plugin called Pinterest Repellent that will prevent this from happening. Just install that plugin and then you can switch between the views to your heart’s content and your nopin code will be safe!

2. Prevent every image on your site from being pinned to PinterestĀ 

If you don’t wantĀ anythingĀ from your website to show up on PinterestĀ ever, you need the following code:

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

You will need access to the HTML of your entire blog in order to do this, not just a single post. And you need to be VERY CAREFUL when editing HTML; you can do serious damage. You can access the HTML of your blog in a Blogger blog by going into Templates and clicking the Edit HTML button. You can access the HTML of your self-hosted WordPress blog by going into the Appearance tab on the side and choosing Editor, then selecting your Header file. Unfortunately, if you have a blog, you don’t have access to edit your HTML and must use the code in the previous example.

Once you have your HTML open, search for the following tag: </head>

Once you find that line of code, press return a few times to make a few empty lines just before it, and copy in the code above. Save your file, and you’re done!

If you can’t find your HTML files or the </head> tag, just shoot me an email through theĀ ContactĀ form; I can help!

If anyone tries to pin an image from your site they will see a message that says “This site doesn’t allow pinning to Pinterest. Please contact the owner with any questions. Thanks for visiting!”

If you want to customize the message that appears you can use the following code instead.

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" description="Sorry, no pinning of images on this site please!" />

Just change the description bit to whatever you want to say. Make sure to leave the quotes there though, they’re important!


So there you have it. Next time you post an adorable photo of your baby you can protect it from being wildly thrown about the interwebs with this simple tip! (Anyone seen the “success kid” meme? That is someone’s kid!)

I don’t want to start any huge debates or anything, but what are your feelings about your images on Pinterest? Are all your images fair game, or now that you know you can exclude a few choice photos, will you be doing that from now on?


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Jessi Wohlwend

I believe that anyone can do crafts and DIY projects, regardless of skill or experience. I love sharing simple craft ideas, step by step DIY project tutorials, cleaning hacks, and other tips and tricks all with one goal in mind: giving you the tools you need to ā€œdo it yourselfā€, complete fun projects, and make awesome things!

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Reader Interactions

  1. Pissed says

    3 weeks ago

    But why should I do anything to prevent people from stealing my images and posting on that thievery website? This should be the DEFAULT. If they want to use my images, THEY should ask me. Opt-out is illegal. It’s what spammers and other scammers do. Opt-in is the way to go.
    And why do I have to send all my personal information to Pinterest and prove that I’m the real copyright owner if I want them to remove my content that they stole? People who pinned it didn’t have to compromise their privacy nor prove their copyright.
    This website is thieves supporting thieves. It should be mass-sued and kicked out of their scammy “business”.

    • Jessi Wohlwend says

      3 weeks ago

      Yeah, people should definitely ask before using anyone’s images (or any other property, really) but unfortunately, they don’t. šŸ™

  2. Leigha Staffenhagen says

    1 year ago

    Jessi–Thank you for this! I tried to find a similar code on another site and it didn’t work. You’ve saved me all sorts of headaches!

  3. Aliz says

    2 years ago

    Hi Jessi! I’m Aliz, I was trying to understand the codes, but I couldn’t do what I wanted on my blog. I have an Instagram Footer in my Theme footer, which looks good with the latest Insta pics, but those shouldn’t be pinnable pictures. At the “Editor” I found the codes, but those aren’t normal photos. Do you have a tip how to deactivate the “Pin it” button on the Instagram footer?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Jessi Wohlwend says

      2 years ago

      Unfortunately there isn’t a really good answer for that question. Because those images are pulled in using a plugin or a theme-specific piece of code (rather than the regular post or page editor that you would use to manually insert photos), you would have to go into the plugin code or theme code to get the Pin It button to not show there. If it’s a plugin, you can contact the plugin creator and see if they can help you, but unless you have experience and feel comfortable editing code files, I wouldn’t suggest you try it yourself. Sorry I don’t have a better answer!

      • Aliz says

        2 years ago

        Thanks for your help. I’m not experienced with codes, so I’ll contact the plugin creators. Thanks for the tip šŸ™‚

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