How To Show Your Dog You Love Them

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Fawkes is such an important part of our family; I can’t even imagine our life without her! She snuggles with us on the couch, runs up to greet us when we come home for the day, loves playing with the baby, and even plays with the kitties sometimes! I was watching her play with AJ the other day and thought “Wow, she LOVES that baby so much, it’s so obvious! How can we make sure she knows how much we love her too?” Here are a few of my favorite ways to show your dog you love them!

how to show your dog you love them

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First off, we love cuddling with Fawkes! She is such a sweet dog, and loves to hang out on the couch with us, or lay on the floor with the baby. And actually, cuddling like this is a huge display of trust on their part, because dogs are most vulnerable when they are sleeping. If your dog falls asleep on the couch next to you, that means they totally trust you!

how to show your dog you love them

Plus it’s just a great way to take a few minutes to unwind from my busy day; I love it just as much as she does! So make sure you show your dog that they are an important part of your “pack” by cuddling up with them on the sofa or in your bed for a few minutes every day.

how to show your dog you love them

Another great way to show your dog you love them is to just include them in your daily activities. We adopted Fawkes 3 weeks before we found out I was pregnant with AJ, so Fawkes got to “help” me do a lot of nesting and prep work to get the house ready for the baby. Obviously she didn’t actually help, but she loved hanging out with me in the nursery while I was decorating it.

And even now she comes with me when I go to work. Granted, “going to work” only involves going across the backyard and into the craft room above our detached garage. But I put a huge dog bed in there for her and she loves hanging out in the craft room with me while I’m working!

how to show your dog you love them

We also make sure Fawkes has healthy food. Providing food and water are obvious parts of dog-ownership, but you can really show your dog that you love them by taking a little time to learn more about the dog food options out there and choosing the best one for your pup.

We’re trying to make sure that AJ eats healthy, nutritious food as she grows up, and we also try to make sure Fawkes has food that lives up to the same standards as the food we feed ourselves and AJ. After doing some research recently, we started feeding her Tender & True Organic Chicken & Liver Recipe, and she loves it!

how to show your dog you love them

Researching pet food can get a little complicated; there are so many options these days and they all use words like “holistic” or “premium” or “certified”. But what does that all actually mean in terms of choosing the perfect food for your pet? Here’s a quick reference for you; the entire Tender & True™ product line is:

  • USDA certified organic – this means it’s certified to be at least 95% organic by the USDA, the same department responsible for the food we humans eat! Tender & True™ is the first USDA certified dry pet food, and one of only a few pet foods on the market with a full line of USDA certified products.
  • Antibiotic free – their poultry is always raised without antibiotics
  • Sustainably fished – their seafood is certified sustainable, meaning ALL of the fish comes from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fisheries that meet a strict standard for sustainability
  • Humanely raised – there are many opinions on what “humane” means, but the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) sets high standards for animal welfare, more than just minimizing stress and coping in an environment. Tender & True™ is GAP certified to meet the absolute highest level of animal welfare for their farm animals.

It’s very similar to the “farm to table” movement, except it’s “farm to bowl”! There are no artificial flavors or ingredients, and no preservatives in their entire product line. Tender & True™ is basically a superfood for your pets, and since we take so much care to eat healthy ourselves, it’s only fitting that we take that much care with Fawkes as well. Find Tender & True near you.

We also make sure we spend plenty of time playing with Fawkes; we’re even teaching AJ to throw a ball for her! The ball only goes a few feet when AJ throws it, but Fawkes happily chases after it and brings it right back to AJ for her to throw it again!

how to show your dog you love them

Another way you can show your dog you love them is to treat them to new toys and gear. People love getting presents, and your dog does too! I made a bed for Fawkes out of a recycled tire, and she absolutely loved it!

how to show your dog you love them

It was a nice special thing just for her, and she loved it for a long time, even well after she outgrew it. She’s too big for the bed now (pitbull mixes can get BIG!), but it was pretty cute to watch her try to curl up in it even after it was clearly too small for her. But it just gave me a good excuse to get a new bed for her, and she loves her new bed just as much!

How do you show your dog you love them?

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