How We Keep Our Pet Feeding Stations Clean

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We love our pets; they are a huge and important part of our family, but oh my gosh are they MESSY eaters! It doesn’t surprise me that the puppy is a bit messy when she eats, but even though she makes a mess, she licks up every last morsel when she’s finished. However, when she drinks, she somehow manages to spill water everywhere! And I thought cats were supposed to be tidy, but somehow their feeding station is always a huge mess! Luckily I found a simple solution for keeping everything neat and tidy; Duck® sent me their Solid Grip Easy Liner® with Clorox® and it is perfect for keeping our pet feeding stations clean!

How we keep our pet feeding stations clean

We’ve tried putting mats down under the food and water bowls before, but they never really worked all that well. The mats weren’t sticky enough to keep the bowls from moving, and they would get knocked over whenever the cats and dog wrestled and knocked into them, or when the Roomba ran into them at night.

I always try to wipe up the water that spills immediately, but sometimes I didn’t notice it spill and the water sits on the floor for a while. But these Easy Liner® brand shelf liners now include Clorox® antimicrobial protection to prevent the growth of odor-causing mold and mildew, which makes them the perfect surface for our messy pets’ food and water!

Plus, the Solid Grip Easy Liner® with Clorox® by Duck® is super grippy and the food and water bowls don’t move at all! It’s perfect for the cats’ feeding station, which is on top of a wooden shelving unit. They like it up there because the dog can’t get to them, so it’s a great place to escape when the puppy is being overly obnoxious. Unfortunately, with the previous mats it was always a little slippery up there, so sometimes they would take a running leap and land on the shelf, and keep sliding almost all the way off, taking their food bowls with them! Now that we put the shelf liner up there, it doesn’t move at all, so they can easily escape the dog without knocking anything over.

Keeping The Pet Food Station Clean 5

With the shelf liners in place, it’s really easy to clean everything up too. I can just wipe up the surface with a sponge, or if it needs a deeper clean, I can pick the whole thing up and wash it in the sink, or even toss it in the washing machine! And the antimicrobial additive embedded into the shelf liner material won’t degrade over time and it keeps working as long as the product is in use – even after washing.

So if your pet’s feeding station is a mess, you should try these shelf liners! All you need is the shelf liner, and a pair of scissors.

Keeping The Pet Food Station Clean 6

It’s super easy to set up, just cut the liner to size, and set it down where you want it!

Even though it’s super grippy, you can easily reposition it or move it around later if you want. And since you can cut pieces to the exact size you need, it’s perfect for weird areas, like this little bit of floor where our kitchen meets our family room. For some reason the join between the hardwood floor and the tile in the kitchen is at an angle, but I just cut the liner at an angle, and now it fits in that spot perfectly!

Keeping The Pet Food Station Clean 7

And even if you don’t have pets, you can use these liners anywhere! They’re great for going on top of wire shelves to prevent things from falling through, or you can use them in your pantry, in your drawers, or even in your fridge!

How do you keep your pet’s feeding station clean?


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  1. Stacey says

    7 years ago

    I was searching for Roomba and pet bowlsand found your site! Does the virtual wall work with metal bowls?

    • Jessi Wohlwend says

      6 years ago

      Yep, totally does! We set up virtual walls around all our pet food and water bowls and the Roomba steers clear!

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