65 Ways To Organize Using Dollar Tree Storage Bins

Are you ready to organize your entire house on a budget? Check out these 65 ways to use Dollar Store locker bins to keep your home organized!

Need to organize a bit in your home? Head to a Dollar Tree for all your organizational needs and get organized while saving money! The Dollar Tree has a whole “Storage & Organization” section full of awesome products, but my favorites are the plastic locker bins. They are so versatile!

If you buy Dollar Tree stuff online, you usually need to buy a whole “case” of it. So if you buy these plastic locker bins, they come in a case of 36. But don’t worry, I have found 65 amazing ways to use these cute locker bins to organize your whole home. Even if you only like half these dollar tree organization hacks, you’ll still use up all 36 of your bins and your home will be totally organized!

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins

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Organize Using Dollar Tree Storage Bins

There are tons of things you can do with square plastic locker bins! They’re useful in pretty much every room of your home, and at $1 each, they’re probably the least expensive way to get organized!

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins kitchen

Organize Your Kitchen

(1) Organize your chest freezer with dollar store bins; they’re easy to lift up so you can get at everything in the freezer, and you can use the different colors to help sort out your frozen foods.

(2) Organize box mixes in your pantry

(3) Organize stuff on shelves in your kitchen; the handle makes these bins super easy to grab even when they’re up high!

(4) Give them a colorful coat of paint and a label and use them to organize your pantry

(5) Another pantry organization idea for your canned goods

(6) Give your refrigerator a mini makeover

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins pantry

(7) Give your entire pantry an organized makeover with buckets all of the same color

(8) Organize your entire pantry with these bins and other things from the Dollar Tree

(9) Make your own labels and add them to Dollar Tree storage bins to organize your pantry

(10) Organize in your side by side freezer/refrigerator

(11) Get your fridge organized to help get ready for the holidays

(12) Organize under your kitchen sink

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins pantry organization

(13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) Even more awesome ways to organize your pantry!

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins pantries

(19) These are the perfect way to organize sprinkles, icing, and other baking supplies!

(20) Organize cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink

(21) Organize all those packets of spice mixes in your pantry

(22) Use hanging tags to label the buckets so you can easily organize your pantry

(23) Organize your spice cabinet; these buckets are perfect for all of those spice containers!

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins kids stuff

Organize Kids’ Bedrooms & Play Rooms

(24) Give the buckets a coat of pastel paint and use them to organize a baby changing table

(25) Use them to corral small toys in a playroom

(26) Use them in a cube storage bookcase to organize kids toys

(27) Use them to color coordinate storage in a nursery closet

(28) Sort baby clothes by size so you always have the next size available on deck; they grow out of their clothes so quickly!

(29) Use them to organize kids toys, and put picture labels on the fronts of the bins so the kids can easily tell what goes where

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins laundry

Organize Your Laundry Room

(30) Use the bins to sort small items into lights, darks, etc.

(31) Organize all of the laundry supplies on a shelf above your washing machine

(32) Organize laundry supplies into a cube storage container to take advantage of the vertical space

(33) Paint them to match the decor and use them to organize your laundry room

(34) Make your own simple metal tags to complete a vintage look in your laundry room

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins classrooms

Organize Your Classroom

These are for all the teachers out there!

(35) Create a cozy reading nook in your classroom

(36) Create a work station above your desk

(37) Use them to organize books by reading level or by genre

(38) Organize classroom activities and supplies

(39) Organize paint and painting supplies

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins bathroom

Organize Your Bathroom

(40) Cover the bin in fabric to make gorgeous bathroom storage that you can leave out in plain sight!

(41) Organize stuff on shelves above the toilet

(42) Use them to organize toiletries and personal products in a bathroom cabinet

(43) Use them to organize all of the items in your bathroom closet

(44) Stack larger bins on their side, then put these lockers bins inside to create extra bathroom storage; great when you have a pedestal sink!

(45) Organize cleaning supplies under your bathroom sink

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins decor

Give Dollar Tree Storage Bins A Stylish Makeover

If you don’t like the bright primary colors these storage bins come in, here are some GREAT ideas to give them a makeover!

(46) Give them a faux metal look with spray paint, and finish off the look with a metal locker tag

(47) Wooden chalkboard hanging tags finish off this darker faux metal look

(48) Add a metal locker tag and metal pull to give them an industrial look

(49) Add a metal pull to give the bins a library card catalog look

(50) Give them a chic modern makeover with rivets and a leather handle

(51) Cover the front with faux distressed paper and decoupage

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins stylish decor

(52) Add DIY chalkboard labels to your bins for easy labeling

(53) Give your bins a distressed metal look that matches any decor

(54) A shiny coat of silver spray paint will make your bins look like they’re made out of sheet metal!

(55) Add patina paint to your bins for an aged look

(56) A coat of gold spray paint gives these bins a timeless quality

(57) Wrap these plastic bins in sisal rope to make your own fabric-lined rope basket!

65 ways to organize using dollar tree storage bins organization

Organize All Your Closets

(58) DIY chalkboard labels will help you organize all your winter gear

(59) Clip labels onto the bins using clothespins and use the bins to organize your linen closet

(60) Organize your hall closet with these bins and chalkboard labels

(61) Organize your medicine cabinet with bins and chalkboard labels

(62) Organize your clothes closet with these bins; they’re perfect for storing small accessories!

(63) Organize office supplies or writing supplies

(64) Organize your arts and craft supplies

(65) Organize toiletries and makeup in your linen closet

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