Spider Deviled Eggs Recipe

If you love deviled eggs and you love Halloween, you’re going to love these adorable spider deviled eggs! They have all the same deliciousness of regular deviled eggs, but with some bonus olives and extra Halloween spirit! They’re the perfect finger food for a Halloween party or get-together!

Spider deviled eggs, too cute!

If you have a favorite deviled egg recipe of your own, feel free to use that and just add the spider olives on top! Or if not, don’t worry, I’ll give you all the direction you need below!

Spider Deviled Eggs Recipe

This is a basic recipe for deviled eggs, but if you’re feeling adventurous, fee free to add pickle relish, paprika, hot sauce or anything else you want to spice it up a bit!



First, you need to hard boil your eggs. I have a post about how to hard boil eggs perfectly if you want some tips!

How to hard boil eggs perfectly every time!

Peel your hard boiled eggs and then slice them in half. Set the egg slices on a plate and spoon the yolks out into a bowl.

Add the mayonnaise, mustard, and sugar to the bowl and mix it all up. The yolk mixture should be nice and creamy, but not too liquidy. Once the yolks are ready, spoon them back into the egg halves.

The last step is to pull out the olives and cut them up! First, cut the olive in half, lengthwise. Set one half aside; it will be the “body”. Cut the other piece in half lengthwise, then slice each of those two pieces into four sections to make eight “legs”.

Spider Deviled Eggs-3

Set the “body” in the middle of the yolk, and arrange the eight legs around it. And you have spider deviled eggs!

Spider deviled eggs; so cute and perfect for Halloween!

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