The 40 Hanger Closet Organization System

Pare down your closet with the 40 Hanger Closet organization system and love your clothes again! This closet makeover will change your life and your wardrobe!


Once there was a lady,
Whose closet was rather crazy.

Clothes covered the floor,
Scattered the shelves and draped the door.

Boxes stuffed with too-small-tees
Hangers sagged with accessories.

Yet, when it was time to get dressed,
The lady was always stressed.

I’ve nothing to wear! The gal would lament.
Nothing matches, nothing fits!

One day she decided enough is enough,
I’ve just got to get rid of ALL OF THIS STUFF!

So she sorted and washed,
She bagged and she tossed.

Is it cute? Does it fit?
Is it comfy? Will she really wear it?

Online was an article — 40 hangers was best
so she kept just a few and donated the rest.

Now when she gets ready for her day,
She smiles, quickly dresses, and she is on her way!

40 Hanger Closet Organization System

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The 40 Hanger Closet Organization System

Can you relate to the beginning of the poem? It can feel so hopeless, the task can feel so daunting!

If you are like me, every single item in your closet is in there because it has some sort of meaning.

  • Maybe those jeans will fit one day.
  • The fabric is so cute, even though the waistline is too high to ever be flattering.
  • The has nothing that matches but it’s really cute.
  • The boots are horribly uncomfortable but look awesome with your favorite jeans.
  • The jacket is just missing a few buttons — you can go to the fabric store and get new (and have been saying that for 5 years) 🙂

Still resonating? I get it.

The first thing you must do is to decide you’re done with the mess. If you are not fully committed, you will not be successful.

Next,  make your bed nice and start sorting the things out of the closet into three stacks on your bed.

Stack 1 – LOVE IT! These are the clothes that are totally your style and that you really love. Ignore the stains, it doesn’t matter if it’s broken at this point, if you love it, it goes in the love it pile!

Stack 2 – LIKE IT! These are the items you like, but that aren’t your rave faves.


Now, quickly bag stacks 2 and 3 and put them in your truck so you will drop them off at the donation facility next time you go out. Hurry! Do not hesitate!

40 Hanger Closet Organization System

Now to tackle the keep stack which gets further split into three stacks.

Stack 1A — I wear this all the time. I have stuff that matches, It has all the buttons, the zipper works, and it has no stains. It stays. 🙂

Stack 1B — I would wear this but I need to fix the zipper first, add a button, lose 10 lbs, etc.

Stack 1C — I love this but it fits weird, is a weird color that I just can’t match, or every time I try it on it just isn’t as flattering as I had hoped.

Stack 1A gets hung back up in the closet nicely, all facing the same direction. Make sure there are not more than 40 items. When I did this, I actually realized how few clothes I had that truly fit well that I enjoyed.

Stack 1B — Put into a box nicely and goes on the floor of the closet. It needs to have a date three months from today written on it boldly. Also, set a reminder on your phone for three months today to revisit this box. If in three months the clothes are still in the box untouched, this box goes to the donation facility.

Stack 1C — Donate, girl!

Now be sure to sweep or vacuum, wipe the shelves, clean the closet really well. Take the time to re-assess what you have. If you have 35 pairs of jeans, one shirt, and two jackets; you will need to further purge.

Once I got to this point, I realized I needed to go shopping for a few things. So I put outfits together as best I could and laid them on my bed and took photos of them. I made a list of what I was needing (black cami, white t-shirt, navy jacket, etc) and slowly filled my closet with things I really really love!

So — be like the girl at the end of the poem and get started! You’ll be so glad you did!

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Tandy Hogate is a work from home wife, mom of four, and grandma to two. She lives on a farm in Alaska with her family and critters (her favorite critter being her rather large dog Fezzik). She enjoys traveling, writing, studying the bible, reading, hiking, working on the farm, sewing, and spending just as much time as possible with her family. Her favorite place is the river and her favorite sound is laughter.

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