Tips For Organizing Baby Stuff In The Bathroom

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AJ is starting to learn how to brush her teeth! It’s super cute watching her play with her toothbrush and copy Mommy and Daddy when we brush our teeth, but it also means a whole bunch more baby “stuff” is starting to fill up our small bathroom! I finally took the time to get the bathroom all organized and stocked so that all of the things we need aren’t just scattered around the place. Here are my top tips for organizing baby stuff in the bathroom!

Love these tips and tricks for organizing baby stuff so that it doesn't take over your whole bathroom!

Tips For Organizing Baby Stuff In The Bathroom

Now that AJ is spending a lot more time in the bathroom, we needed to get all of her stuff organized. She’s still in diapers and too young for potty training, so for now her two main bathroom activities are bath time and brushing her teeth.

We bought a mesh corner basket that suctions to the wall to hold all of her bath toys. It also has two little hooks for washcloths, which is really great for hanging them to dry so they don’t get moldy!


We try not to leave too much on the edge of the tub, because that’s a place where things tend to congregate, and it’s a slippery slope; once you start putting things there, they just multiply! But we do make the exception for her baby shampoo/soap and a big soft cup for rinsing. It may seem kinda silly, but that giant cup is actually one of the best baby-related purchases we’ve made! It’s big enough to easily rinse the shampoo out of her hair, and it’s flexible so she can’t hurt it or herself.

Speaking of, we also put a little foam elephant on the tub spout in case she bumps her head. 🙂

Love these tips and tricks for organizing baby stuff so that it doesn't take over your whole bathroom!

Another super important baby bath item is a non-slip mat in the tub itself. There is literally nothing slipperier than a wet baby in a tub full of water, so you want as many grippy surfaces as you can get!

The rest of her bath time supplies don’t live in the tub itself. We have a small bucket on the back of the toilet that holds washcloths, her toothbrush and toothpaste, a thermometer, ibuprofen for when she’s teething, etc. It’s really handy to have a container of some sort to keep everything together; baby stuff tends to be smaller than adult stuff, so it’s easy for it to get lost!


The one thing I really dislike about this bathroom is that it has a pedestal sink. It’s pretty looking, but it’s not very functional in terms of storage. Luckily, we have a linen closet in the bathroom that can hold a bunch of stuff, and there are a few things we leave out under the sink for easy access. AJ’s step stool lives under there when she isn’t using it, and a soft kneeling pad for me to kneel on when I give her a bath.


If you’re looking for a great way to store stuff even with a pedestal sink, check out this wall-mounted bathroom storage I made for our first apartment using pipe clamps and small planting pots! It’s cute, functional, and keeps stuff up off the sink and out of reach of little hands!

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