Urban Living: How To Survive Without A Car

I grew up in Northern California, and everyone I knew had a car. Even the corner market was a mile away, and no one wanted to walk that far! So imagine my surprise when I moved to Chicago after graduating from college, only to find out my car was more of a burden than a benefit! At this point I’ve been living without a car for more than three years, and I love it. You don’t have to be afraid of life without a car; here are some tips and tricks to help you survive!

Urban Living: How To Survive Without A Car!

If you are thinking of moving to the city and you’re worried about not having a car, or if you already live in the city and want to get rid of your car, here are some great tips to help you survive city life without a car!

Get familiar with your city’s public transit system

Chicago has one of the best public transit systems I’ve ever seen, and we use it every single day! My husband and I both work downtown, but it takes less than half an hour to walk to the closest El station, take the train downtown, and walk from there to the office!

Urban Living: How To Survive Without A Car - Learn to use public transit

Most cities have some form of public transit, be it buses, trains, trolleys, ferries, or whatever. So figure out what your city has to offer, and use it!

TIP: If you’re commuting to and from work on public transit, wear comfy shoes and stick your work shoes in your bag so you can put them on once you get to the office. Don’t walk to the train station in high heels everyday; you will not like it!

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