Use A Picture Stand As A Kindle Holder

My Kindle lives in my purse so that I always have it with me. I love it because it’s small and lightweight and easier than carrying around ten actual books! I started carrying it in my purse so that I can read on the El on the way to and from work, but it’s also pretty awesome to have if you end up waiting at the doctor’s office, or taking a walk to a park on a nice day, or whatever.

I’ve also started trying to read on my lunch break as well. That is, if I’m not working through lunch and stuffing food in my face while on mute on a conference call. That happens more than I’d like to admit, but I’m on mute so it’s fine! :-p But even if I can only take a fifteen minute break for food between meetings, I can still pull out my Kindle and read at my desk while I eat!

The only problem is the horrible fluorescent lighting in my office is super glare-y on the screen and also, if I’m using my hands to eat I can’t hold the Kindle up. So it lays flat on my desk collecting crumbs and whatnot if I’m not careful.

But I had a stroke of genius the other day and totally solved my problem! You can use a picture stand as a Kindle holder!

Use a picture stand as a kindle holder

This easel was like $3 at Bed Bath & Beyond and it works perfectly! The Kindle is now upright so it isn’t gathering dust or crumbs or glare, and it’s a much more comfortable reading position because I’m not looking straight down at it. All that, and it’s hands-free…amazing!

What do you do to pass the time on your commute? Or are you lucky enough not to have one? I love the days I get to telecommute!


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Reader Interactions

  1. Ann @ makethebestofthings says

    12 years ago

    Most excellent idea! Doing this right now.

  2. Hydrangeas and Harmony says

    12 years ago

    That's such a great tip. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Betsy @ Romance on a Dime says

    12 years ago

    Very clever!! I love it. I don't have a Kindle yet, but I often read ebooks on my phone.

    Thanks for this great idea. I'm pinning this. I'm glad you linked up at Romance on a Dime.

  4. Jessi W says

    12 years ago

    What a good idea to use the stand for cooking! I should probably do that with some of my physical cookbooks so they stand up and stay open better 🙂

  5. Kristy Creighton says

    12 years ago

    What a great idea! I have half my cookbook collection on my Kindle! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy says

    12 years ago

    Easy and awesome! Love it!

  7. Rachel S says

    12 years ago

    WOW! What a awesome idea!!!

  8. Kendra @ A Proverbs 31 Wife says

    12 years ago

    What a cool idea! I actually wanted a kindle for a long time. Now I have a Droid phone and would you know? It has a kindle app and I am loving it!
    Sadly I think the picture stand is to small for my phone 🙂

  9. Jessi W says

    12 years ago

    Haha yes, we appreciate you keeping your eyes on the road! One thing I definitely love about living in Chicago is the commute by El instead of driving. When I worked in the home office I had a 45 minute commute and had to drive (no transit options). 20 minutes on a train is much better!

  10. Katie says

    12 years ago

    I'm driving for the duration of my 11ish-minute commute, so I don't think anyone would appreciate me reading. ^_~

    Good idea! I know they make fancy holders to prop up your Kindles and tablets and things, but I bet using a picture stand is much cheaper.

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