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I am very excited to have Christa from Controlling Craziness guest posting here on Practically Functional today! Today she’s sharing some fabulous inspiration quote wall art, so check it out!


Hi there, I’m Christa, stay at home mom to three cute and crazy kids. I love to blog about organization, home decor, making my life easier, and of course my crazy kid adventures.


You can find me over at CONTROLLING Craziness. I’d love it if you stopped by and followed along. I want to thank Jessi for giving me this opportunity to guest post here at Practically Functional.

Today I’m going to be showing off some great inspirational quotes I have recently added to my master bedroom.

While browsing Pinterest one day, I found these two inspirational quotes. I immediately thought they would be great in our master bedroom. I imagined looking at them when I woke up each morning and getting energized for the day, rather than dreading all the whining that comes with getting the kids ready for school and changing diapers.

The first quote is by Gordon B. Hinckley (president/prophet to the LDS church from 1995-2008), and the second quote is by his wife, Marjorie Pay Hinckley. I also thought it was fitting that quotes from a husband and wife should be in our master bedroom.

Inspirational Quotes Wall Art
images found here and here

I don’t have any fancy photo editing software, so I used Microsoft Word to come up with my own version.

In all
fun and
life is to
not just


-Gordon B.


The trick is to
Don’t wish away
your days,
waiting for
ones ahead.
-Marjorie Pay


I printed out the quotes onto some white card stock and stuck them in a frame I already had.

Inspirational Quotes Wall Art

I plan to spray paint the black frame oil rubbed bronze so it matches our other frames, lamps and dresser knobs better. Just waiting for spring and warmer weather so I can spray paint outside. Until then, I don’t think it looks too bad.

Inspirational Quotes Wall Art
Inspirational Quotes Wall Art

I love waking up and reading these quotes. What a great way to start my day, live in the moment, and enjoy life.

What inspirational quotes get you going in the morning or when things get tough?

Thanks again to Jessi for allowing me this opportunity. Don’t forget to stop by CONTROLLING Craziness to check out what else I’ve been up to!




How great are those quotes! It would be wonderful to wake up to that every day. :-) Make sure you guys stop by Christa’s blog to check out the other awesome stuff she writes about. Seriously, you’ll love it!

Thanks so much for guest posting today Christa!


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  1. Melissa-TheHappierHomemaker/SoYouWannaBeaBlogger says

    Oh I love those quotes, I’m a huge fan of framed quotes too, thank you so much for sharing!! I love that you made it in Word too-sometimes I feel like I’m the only one without a silhouette!!

    • says

      Thanks Melissa. I know what you mean about not having a silhouette. I just found out one of my friends has one so I might have to do some vinyl quotes on the walls.

    • says

      I totally know what you mean by put down the computer. I’ve been trying to unplug my kids from the tv and video games too. Playing with your kids is a great way to enjoy life.

  2. Janet says

    I love how you did the quotes for your use. They look great from Word, no fancy Silhouette machine needed. I needed the reminder of how easy it is to transform what we see to great decor. I get stuck between “saving” and doing too often. I’ll be stopping by your blog!

    • says

      Thanks Janet. There are so many great quotes out there, I try to mix quotes with pictures for gallery walls too. Thanks for stopping by.

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