21 Awesome Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas

Thoughtful, practical gifts don’t have to cost a fortune. You’ll love these 21 dollar store Christmas gift ideas, and so will the recipients!

I love to give practical gifts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to give people luxury items and fun gifts they would never buy themselves. But there’s something purposeful about a gift you know the recipient will use over and over again. 

Believe it or not, giving useful, fun-to-receive presents doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. In fact, you can find all kinds of practical, fantastic dollar store Christmas gift ideas that don’t feel like cheap gifts. They are all items that anyone would be more than happy to receive.

collage of dollar store christmas gift ideas with title overlaid in center

So how do you find a dollar store Christmas gift idea that feels special? It’s easier than you think! There are plenty of DIY dollar store gift ideas that take just a little effort. Add a personalized touch or combine a few items to create a nice package. There are even some Dollar Tree Christmas gifts that are perfectly thoughtful all on their own. Here are 21 ideas to fulfill everyone’s Christmas wish list at the dollar store!

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DIY Dollar Store Gift Ideas

The first set of dollar store gift ideas are DIY ideas, but they don’t require a lot of skill or supplies (although if you have a Cricut or other cutting machine, you can personalize almost anything). If you have some time and creativity, you can make really wonderful gifts from items that won’t cost you a lot. Homemade gifts also have a personal touch that you can’t beat. Everyone loves a gift knowing someone took time to create it just for them. 

1. Homemade Mint Sugar Scrub (from Practically Functional)

Homemade Mint Sugar Scrub

Whip up a batch of this homemade mint sugar scrub in 10 minutes or less—this recipe makes great holiday gifts, or pamper yourself with this delicious DIY sugar scrub!
See the full project

Almost every dollar store sells baking ingredients—salt, baking soda, and sugar. Stock up on bags of the sweet stuff to make jars of minty sugar scrub. This scrub is luxurious, it smells great, and it really works for smoothing rough skin on heels and elbows. 

While you’re picking up sugar, don’t forget to pick up some jars or small containers for the scrub. Most dollar stores carry all sorts of simple glass vases, mason-type jars, and other vessels for your gift.

2. Dollar Store Christmas Tree Candles (from Redhead Can Decorate)

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Candles

Get everything you need for these festive candles from the dollar store!
See the full project

Another great find at the dollar store is candles. Look for the plain “prayer-type” candles and small votives, jar candles, and more. You can make all sorts of wonderful candle gifts from these tall blank candles, which often come in white.

If you prefer not to paint or draw on the candles, you could also decoupage them using tissue paper (also found at the dollar store) and Mod Podge. Photos also work well—print black and white images on regular paper and use the decoupage medium to affix them to the glass surrounding the candle. 

3. Personalized Mugs (from Practically Functional)

Make a cute DIY painted mug for the holidays with paint pens and adhesive stencils! Great neighbor gifts!

How To Paint A Mug With Painters Opaque Paint Markers

Make a cute DIY painted mug for the holidays—all you need are paint markers and adhesive stencils. They're easy to make and they make great holiday gifts!
See the full project

Savvy dollar store shoppers know that mugs and cups are some of the best items to pick up when you’re at the dollar store! There are so many ways you can personalize a simple, plain mug, cup, or jar. The possibilities are nearly endless, whether you use Sharpies, paint, or something else.

If you’re a Cricut crafter, you can take your DIY dollar store Christmas gift ideas to the next level with vinyl lettering to create super personalized, beautiful cups and mugs. These are excellent beginner Cricut projects for almost any level. They look so awesome, and they make lovely presents. 

4. Tea Tree (from Thirsty for Tea)

Christmas Tea Trees

Such a cute way to dress up bags of tea for the holidays—use these Christmas tea trees as holiday decor or give them as a gift.
See the full project

Something as simple as a box of tea can become a great dollar store Christmas gift with a little DIY magic. These Christmas tea trees are cute and creative—perfect for any tea lover (with or without a DIY mug to pair with).

You can also package hot cocoa mix tied with ribbon, or look for small packages of flavored coffees to include with your gift. With attention to presentation, an everyday item becomes a thoughtful and appreciated present for anyone on your Christmas list.

5. Etched Glass Tile Coasters (from Practically Functional)

How To Etch Glass Tiles To Make Coasters

Glass tile etching is easier than you'd think! With a glass tile, etching cream, a paintbrush, and a stencil, you can make your own customized etched glass tile coasters!
See the full project

While you’re thinking of beverages (like tea and coffee mugs), don’t forget coasters! Coasters make great gifts and can be personalized really easily. These etched glass tile coasters aren’t tricky to make, but they look very elegant and could be adjusted to match any style or décor. 

You can customize almost any coasters. These DIY homemade polaroid coasters would work on tile coasters, even if they’re not plain (give them a coat of white paint to turn them into blanks). Wooden coasters can be engraved or painted as well. So if you see coasters while you’re shopping at the Dollar Tree for Christmas gifts, pick them up!

6. DIY Snow Globe In A Mason Jar (from Practically Functional)

homemade snow globe in a mason jar with reindeer, light post, and presents miniature figurines

How To Make A Snow Globe In A Mason Jar

Learn how to make a snow globe in a mason jar with just water, glycerine, and glitter! It takes less than five minutes and is a great kids activity for the holidays.
See the full project

I adore snow globes. They’re so pretty and magical. Of course, a beautiful snow globe can also be quite expensive. For a sweet, thoughtful, personalized holiday gift, try these DIY snow globes in a mason jar. 

Once again, jars are in play for this DIY holiday craft. The dollar store often sells mason-type jars and containers, making them an excellent resource for snow globe supplies. You may also find other supplies for this craft, including glitter and miniature figurines. 

7. Dino Phone Tripod (from Eat Sleep Make)

Dino iPhone Tripod

Make a fun iPhone tripod using a plastic dinosaur and a suction cup! Works great for tablets too!
See the full project

How amazing are these dinosaur phone tripods?! These tripods are a bit more involved than some of the other DIY dollar store Christmas gifts, BUT the payoff is well worth the effort. With a little bit of work, you can create a cool gift that any teen or tween will love. 

Don’t limit yourself to just dinosaurs, either. Most dollar stores have a selection of plastic action figures and other animals that you could turn into phone tripods. Look for the suction cups at the dollar store as well. Many times, they will have them in the craft section. 

8. Burlap Monogram Sign (from Practically Functional)

Hand drawn burlap monogram sign

Simple DIY Burlap Monogram Sign

Looking for an easy wedding gift idea? This DIY burlap monogram sign makes a beautiful custom gift plus it is super easy to make!
See the full project

Wall art always makes a wonderful personal gift. These monogrammed burlap signs can be framed in dollar store document frames. Occasionally dollar stores will also carry framed art or mirrors, which you can purchase and re-use for the frame.

The rest of the sign is made using inexpensive burlap and a Sharpie. I always like to check the towel and tablecloth sections at the dollar store. Sometimes you can find very affordable placemats and linens to reinvent into great DIY dollar store Christmas gifts. 

9. Tis the Season Shadowbox (from Practically Functional)

vinyl words on a shadowbox filled with glitter paper and a faux holiday berry sprig

DIY ’Tis The Season Shadowbox

Learn how to put vinyl on a shadowbox so you can customize it however you'd like! Make gorgeous holiday decor for your home with this simple shadow box that takes less than 15 minutes to make.
See the full project

On a rare occasion, you may find shadowboxes at the dollar store. If you happen to find one, purchase it right away! Otherwise, you can also create a DIY shadow box out of a wooden box or deep frame. As you shop for Christmas gifts at the dollar store, don’t forget to look for small ornaments and little items that could fit inside the shadowbox.

I’ve found that you can find paint and other craft supplies at dollar stores. These aren’t always the highest quality, but they work well for wall art and items that don’t get handled often. For something like a shadow box wall hanging, you don’t need to have top-of-the-line craft supplies. It will turn out beautifully with inexpensive dollar store supplies.

10. Wipe off Weekly Menu Board (from Make and Takes)

Easy Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board

Keep all your dinner meal ideas in one place with this super easy DIY wipe-off weekly menu board to keep track of what’s for dinner each night!
See the full project

We all have a busy friend on our list who loves to budget and meal plan. This wipe-off weekly menu board can be a great gift that everyone will adore. This is very simple to make using dollar store craft supplies. Try to match the board to the recipient’s kitchen and taste.

As you’re shopping, don’t forget to look for dry erase markers and erasers. These are often with the school supplies, and they can make great dollar store purchases. You can use them for this project or other “whiteboard” projects. Kids love them too—laminated workbooks last and last. 

11. River Rock Trivet (from Practically Functional)

diy river rock trivet and green tea kettle on white background

DIY River Rock Trivet

Make an elegant river rock trivet with river rocks, felt, and hot glue—a fun and practical river rock craft to bring a little nature indoors!
See the full project

Check the floral supplies for river rocks and stones. You can use them to make this cute river rock trivet that’s perfect for absolutely any kitchen. Small trivets also make lovely coasters to slip under houseplants and protect furniture during watering. I love the natural look.

Stones, shells, and rocks are great items to pick up while you are dollar store shopping. Also, watch for the small “mermaid tears” or marbles—you can make them into fridge magnets, decorate your potted plants, or add them to home décor for a sparkly touch. 

12. DIY Roll-Up Toiletry Bag (from Practically Functional)

diy roll up toiletry bag made from a washcloth—laid open with toiletries and travel items in the pockets

DIY Roll-Up Toiletry Bag Made From A Washcloth!

Transform a regular washcloth into a super functional DIY roll-up toiletry bag—it keeps your toiletries organized without taking up a ton of space, plus it's so easy to make!
See the full project

Help the frequent traveler on your gift list stay organized with this cute DIY roll-up toiletry bag made from a washcloth. Look for a washcloth (or small kitchen towel) at the dollar store. Then shop the toiletries section for useful travel-sized items. 

You can fill the toiletry bag with toothpaste, a travel toothbrush, small shampoo, little soaps, and other TSA-friendly supplies. When your gift receiver hits the road, they’ll think of you every time they unroll this adorable, easy-to-make organizer. 

13. Dollar Store Gift Basket (from Savvy Honey)

3 DIY Spa Day At Home Gift Ideas (Under $10 From the Dollar Store)

These DIY Spa Day At Home Gift Ideas are so CHEAP! Anyone who wants an at home spa day will love this homemade DIY Dollar Store spa gift basket!
See the full project

Let’s talk about gift baskets. With even $10, you can pull together a beautiful gift basket from the dollar store that will delight any recipient. I used this spa gift basket as an example, but you can tailor your gift to any taste, age, or style. 

Consider a car-care basket for dad or a cookie-making basket for a neighbor. Teachers might love a basket of classroom supplies and goodies, and kids would love a basket full of coloring books, crayons, small toys, games, or books. Look around the dollar store and get creative to make easy, inspired gift baskets for the whole family. When you package the items with a “theme,” the possibilities are endless. 

Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas (No DIY Required)!

Sometimes you need a gift quickly. The dollar store has plenty of options that you can give as gifts without the DIY. If you’re looking for dollar store Christmas gift ideas, here are the easiest presents and stocking stuffers for anyone on the nice list. These also make excellent dollar store gifts for secret Santa, gift exchanges, and 12 days of Christmas presents. 

14. Office Supplies

The dollar store has a huge section of office supplies, school supplies, and art items. You can pull together the perfect gift for a boss, coworker, student, or friend for just a few dollars. Tie cute pens or pencils together with a ribbon for a perfect package. 

Notebooks make great gifts, and the dollar store often has art paper, brushes, and even paint. Stickers abound, and folders, scissors, glue, and other supplies are easy to find. Any of these make excellent dollar store Christmas gift ideas or excellent stocking stuffers. 

15. Crayons & Paper

Kids love to color! If you’re looking for a nice gift that will keep kids entertained, the dollar store has you covered. Crayons and even coloring books are easy to find at the dollar store.

Keep an eye out for other coloring items like markers, dry erase pens, and chalk as well. Posterboard, rolls of wrapping paper, and drawing pads can be great, inexpensive Christmas gifts for little artists.

16. Lotion or Soap

There are always a few neighbors or friends that are a challenge to buy for. You want to give them a little something, but all those people on your list can add up fast. Everyone appreciates a pretty bottle of hand soap, a nice bar, or some lotion.

The great thing about beauty gifts is that they’re perfectly appropriate on their own. You can stock up on several of them in case you need a quick item to give to a teacher, a delivery person, or the neighbor who surprises you. These also make great housewarming presents and hostess gifts from the dollar store. 

17. Towels, Utensils, and Cake Mix

Pull together a gift for your favorite baker (or treat lover) with a kitchen towel, wooden spoon, and a package of cake mix. Tied with a ribbon, you’ll have a lovely gift for $3!

Kitchen items are bright and cheerful. Almost everyone appreciates them because they’re useful and practical. These also make great dollar store party favor ideas or white elephant gifts. If you’re looking for an inexpensive secret Santa gift, this is a good one. 

collage of dollar store christmas gift ideas with title at top

18. Candy or Christmas Treats

Everyone appreciates candy! The dollar store often has some nicer boxes of sweets, chocolates, and cookies during the holiday season. You may even find them in a pretty tin or a lovely gift box. These items make perfect Christmas gifts on their own. 

I like to buy stocking stuffer treats at the dollar store. The selection is often unique and fun. Sometimes they have retro candy that you can’t find anywhere else too! Tuck them in a pretty package (like these pillow boxes I made using Cricut) and tie them with a ribbon for festive party favors.

19. Framed Photos

If you’re looking for a great dollar store gift for a loved one, why not give them a nice, framed photo? Frame a favorite memory of the two of you or frame school photos for Grandma and Auntie. The dollar store is one of the best places to get inexpensive frames.

Everyone loves photo gifts, especially because actual photos are a rarity these days. Embellish the frame, or put together a group of pictures for a nice presentation. Don’t miss the photo books, either. Many dollar stores have small booklets that hold 10-20 photos—a perfect gift for someone who lives far away. 

20. Candles

Another terrific dollar store gift idea is candles and candle holders. Dollar stores often carry a wide selection of scented candles, plain tapers, and even glass jarred “prayer-type” candles. All of these can make lovely gifts on their own or fancied up for a DIY holiday present.

The dollar store also has scented items like potpourri and air fresheners. If you have a scent-lover on your Christmas list, the dollar store will have you covered. 

21. Gloves and Scarves

You can often find gloves, scarves, and other winter wear at the dollar store in the winter months. Every kid loves a pair of “magic mini gloves,” and a scarf or winter headband makes a nice gift for people who spend time outdoors. 

Check for winter hats, bags, hand warmers, and even socks and slippers. Any of these can be excellent gifts for folks on your holiday list.

hands holding painted ceramic mug that says Believe with text overlaid at top

If you need to come up with some great Christmas ideas for less, don’t dismiss the dollar store! There are plenty of fantastic Christmas gift ideas that won’t cost you a lot of money. You can feel great knowing you gave a Christmas gift that the receiver loved and will use. It’s not about how much you spend, but about the thought and the sentiment behind the gift. Happy giving this holiday season!

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