DIY Halloween Window Decor With Vinyl And Lights

I love decorating for Halloween; it’s one of my favorite holidays to decorate for! Today I’m going to share with you a simple Halloween window decor idea using black vinyl and orange string lights!

Halloween Window Decor: Decorate a window with black vinyl and orange string lights!

I absolutely love it! And it’s pretty easy to recreate this look for yourself!

Halloween Vinyl Window Decals

You only need a few things:

  • self-adhesive craft vinyl
  • scissors or an exacto knife (or a fun cutting machine if you’re lucky enough to have one!)
  • printed out design, or some serious freehand art skills!
  • a couple strands of orange lights (I found mine at Walgreens)

The great thing about self-adhesive craft vinyl is that it sticks to the windows well (or any surface really), but the bond is temporary so it will pull off easily and won’t leave tons of gummy residue.

I printed out a few clipart images of a cat, a bat, and a spooky tree. Did you know that if you print an image using MS Paint you can tell it to print the image across multiple pieces of paper? And it will just blow up the image for you? Automatically?! It’s amazing!

I taped the printed image together, then cut it out to use as a stencil of sorts for the vinyl.

Halloween Window Decor- Decorate a window with black vinyl and orange string lights!

I traced the cat shape onto the back of a roll of vinyl. Obviously this cat is bigger than a normal roll of vinyl (12″) so I cut it out in a couple of pieces. Since the point of this whole thing was to see the silhouette from outside the window, it doesn’t matter if your vinyl is in a couple of pieces that overlap.

Once I had all the pieces cut out for the cat, the bat, and the spooky tree, I started cleaning the windows. You want to make sure your windows are clean before you attach the vinyl so that it sticks well.

Next you need to stick your vinyl pieces to the window. If you have more than one piece like I did, make sure there aren’t any gaps between your pieces and that the edges of the design line up properly. If you have someone to help you, it will make this part go much faster!

Halloween Window Decor- Decorate a window with black vinyl and orange string lights!

You can see the overlaps in this picture if you look closely at the branch. But you’d only ever see them (and those dang tiny air bubbles!) if you look closely from the inside.

Halloween Window Decor- Decorate a window with black vinyl and orange string lights!

Once all the vinyl was on the window, I hung up some orange-colored string lights around the outside edges of the window.

It looks great from outside, even when the string of orange lights isn’t plugged in!

Halloween Window Decor: Decorate a window with black vinyl and orange string lights!

And when you plug the lights in it looks fabulous and I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

Halloween Window Decor: Decorate a window with black vinyl and orange string lights!

Have you decorated for fall or Halloween yet? Do you have favorite decorations you put up each year, or do you change it around every time? If you’re looking for some other great fall crafts, recipes, and decor ideas, you can check out the rest of my fall posts here!


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    • says

      There’s tons of other things you can use craft vinyl for too, but I think the funnest (yes, funnest!) is making window decals! But I have some ceramic canisters in my kitchen that I plan to make little labels for, now that I have this vinyl. It’s basically like a giant, fun, cut-able sticker!

  1. says

    I love your decals! Where did you get your vinyl because I have been thinking of doing some handout decals like this. I am not lucky enough to have a machine either. Stopping by from Craft & Tell, following you now!

    • says

      I bought the vinyl online because I wanted a roll of it rather than just a few printer paper sized sheets. I bought mine at Expressions Vinyl ( because they had good prices, selection, and availability, but there are a ton of online shops out there that I’m sure you can find with a quick Google search for “craft vinyl”. :-) Shipping wasn’t too expensive and it showed up about four days later, so it worked well for me!

  2. says

    LOVE This! I’m going to make some for our front windows. I especially love the orange lights that you put inside the windows. I never thought of doing that! Pinning this one!

    • says

      If you keep the backing paper when you put up the decals, you can just stick the decals back onto the backing to store them. Or you can stick them to the shiny side of some wax paper to keep them safe in storage. Good question!

  3. Debbie says

    Wow, it looks amazing!! What a perfect idea for your Halloween window, I love it and will be pinning this for my Christmas inspiration. Thank you!
    Saw you partying at Whimsy Wednesdays.
    Debbie :)

    • says

      Haha, thanks! Lots of practice because, without a cutting machine, everything is cut by hand! It’s a pain, but my skills are improving, so that’s the up-side. :-)

  4. says

    Cute Idea!
    One tip (one taking photos at a slow shutter speed sans tripod)

    Brace yourself and hold the camera tight and as steady as possible then …

    squeeze the shutter and shoot a half dozen or so frames … and usually one will be in focus!

    As you move about (no one can stay still for that kind of time – there will be that one moment when you are steady enough for a clear shot)

    hope that helps :)

      • says

        Glad to be of help … I have 2 more slow shutter tips for you :)

        Another way to steady your camera is to hang something a bit heavy from it (maybe a handful of metal washers on a string) this will weigh down the camera and make it more steady

        Another thing you can do for a fun effect (it’s when you “drag your shutter”) is this:

        Use a slow shutter speed on (say a second or so) AND use your flash AND shoot something that has a bit of motion. What you will get is sharpness in the main part of the image (the flash freezes the subject)…. but you will get a (often quite beautiful) blurry fringe around the object that gives the image a sense of vitality and motion.

        (There is also front/rear curtain syncs also that you can play with – you can have the flash fire at the BEGINNING of the exposure or at the END of the exposure – read your manual for this one)

  5. Cat Davis - Food Family Finds says

    That is really a cool idea. If we didn’t have cats that would chew the light cords I would totally try this.


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