How To Sharpen Scissors At Home

I absolutely hate dull scissors, or scissors with nicks or dings in the blade! I notice it especially around Christmas when I go to cut wrapping paper and it just rips the paper to shreds. Lame! But did you know, you can sharpen scissors at home with sandpaper?! Don’t put up with dull or nicked scissors anymore!

How to sharpen scissors at home: Sandpaper sharpens the blades as well as smooths out nicks and dings!

How To Sharpen Scissors With Sandpaper

All you need is your dull pair of scissors and a piece of sandpaper! The grit doesn’t matter too much, but the finer the grit, the smoother your scissor blades will be.

Just fold the sandpaper in half, rough sides out, and cut through it with your scissors ten to twenty times. The grit on the paper will sharpen the blades right away!

How to sharpen scissors at home: Sandpaper sharpens the blades as well as smooths out nicks and dings!

I’ve also heard you can sharpen scissors with foil, so I tried that as well. And it totally works, but the foil doesn’t smooth out the blades, it just sharpens them. If you’re rough on your scissors like I am (*cough *cough, I KNOW I’m supposed to use wire cutters to cut wire, but the scissors are just more handy!), the sandpaper is really the best way to sharpen scissors. Not only does it sharpen the edges of the blades, but it also smooths out any nicks and dings.

Could your scissors use some sharpening?

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  1. I will have to try this! I’ve been using my fabric scissors on paper..yikes!

    • My brother used to do that all the time! He didn’t understand that fabric scissors were only for fabric; he’s pretty sure scissors are just scissors. :-) But it will totally work, just use a real fine grit sandpaper so they stay super smooth!

  2. Great tips, I’ve tried sharpening my scissors with foil and it worked fairly well but I’m interested to see if the sand paper works better

  3. I have so many scissors I’m ready to scrap because they’re so dull. Definitely should try this first!

  4. Good to know. I’m going to need to do this! Thanks for linking up!!
    ~ Betsy @ Romance on a dime

  5. Thanks for this awesome tip. I had heard about the foil method and use it often. Next time my scissors get dull I will try this.

  6. This would be so much easier than having a friend do for me! And those nicks in my knife…gotta find some sand paper!!! Thanks!

  7. Will try this advice about scissors today as I was about to buy new ones and have at least 4 pairs that are so blunt so hope it works for me as well. Tks

  8. I just gave this a try on my regular household scissors and it worked a charm, even rubbing off all sorts of gunk that was caked on them! I’d heard of the pin method before, but I never managed to get it to work well. Now I’ll go do this sandpaper method on my fabric scissors! Thanks so much! :) Lisa

  9. Awesome! Thanks for the tip. I have a pair of Wescott (titanium) just like those and they are so dull they barely cut paper. Using Fiskar sharpener on them doesn’t work at all.

  10. will it work on pinking shears as I have 2 pairs and both are quite dull?

  11. Madeline says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful idea, I do machine embroidery and it is essential to have good scissors, at the moment I have 5 very dull pairs, I will certainly try your method.

  12. shirley shaddox says:

    Thanks for the scissor sharpening tips, I machine embroidery and with appliques I need sharp scissors. This will help a lot.
    Thank you,
    From Arkansas

  13. Thanks for the tip. I took my scissors to the local farmer’s market and the guy who sharpens scissors. He wouldn’t touch my Left Hand ones. They are the ones I use on fabrics as they’re more comfortable. I’ll try this. Thanks

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