10 Summer Activities To Do With Your Dog!

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I’m so glad the weather has finally warmed up; Fawkes, our puppy, is happy about it too because we all get to spend a lot more time together outdoors! If you’re looking for some fun summer activities to do with your dog, look no further. Here are 10 ways to have fun with your dog this summer!

Get outside and enjoy the warm weather with these 10 summer activities you can do with your dog!

10 Summer Activities To Do With Your Dog

The warm weather of summer is a perfect excuse to get outside with your dog! And if you have kids who are home from school, these summer activities are great to do with the kids as well as your dog!

Walk to the park

You probably already take your dog on walks, but change it up a bit to keep it interesting! Now that the days are longer, take your pup on a longer walk before returning home, or choose a specific destination, like a local park. Even if your dog isn’t allowed off-leash at your local park, it can be a fun change of scenery!

Find a dog park nearby

If your dog loves to play with other dogs, they’ll love visiting a dog park! Check out the Happy Spots map on The Noseprint™ site! The Noseprint™ is an awesome website that provides cool ideas, tips and tricks, real stories, and more to help you and your furry friends enjoy life together! The Happy Spots map has recommendations for all the best dog spots near you, from groomers to trainers to dog parks. So check out the map, find your nearest dog park, and take your dog out to play!

Get outside and enjoy the warm weather with these 10 summer activities you can do with your dog!

By the way, if you sign up for an account on The Noseprint™, you can save your favorite locations on the Happy Spots map, plus you can save your favorite articles and connect with other pet-lovers in their community section!

Create an ice lick for your dog

I don’t know about your dog, but Fawkes LOVES ice! And ice is a great way to help your dog beat the summer heat! Put a few of your dog’s favorite toys into a freezer-safe container (like a tupperware), then fill the container with water and a small amount of chicken broth. Put the container in the freezer until frozen solid. Pop the frozen treat out of the container, and set it outside in a shady spot for your dog to enjoy! They’ll love trying to get at their toys, and the ice will help keep them cool!

Go outside and play fetch

If your dog loves to play fetch, make it a habit of going outside for ten minutes every day to play with them this summer!

Get outside and enjoy the warm weather with these 10 summer activities you can do with your dog!

Fawkes loves fetch, but it took her a while to get the hang of it, especially when we play with a Frisbee.

Fill a kiddie pool with ice

Speaking of ice…

Fawkes would absolutely love this, and this time of year you can find kiddie pools and bags of ice at your local dollar store!

Create a “splash pad” in your backyard

Kids aren’t the only ones who love to play in sprinklers! You can make a really simple DIY sprinkler by sticking a pool noodle onto the end of your garden hose and poking a bunch of holes in the pool noodle so that the water can spray out in all directions. Or you can do the same thing with a two liter soda bottle; just make sure the bottle is well attached to the end of your hose so it doesn’t go shooting off!

Get outside and enjoy the warm weather with these 10 summer activities you can do with your dog!

Your dog may also have fun with water straight from the hose. Fawkes loves to “attack” the water whenever I water the garden, so when I’m finished watering we always have a quick water fight before we head back inside.

Go hiking

Find a dog-friendly hiking trail, and hit the trail with your pooch! Dogs are great hiking companions, but make sure you know the rules of your trail before you head out. Bring your dog’s collar, leash, and tags, and be sure to have plenty of food and water for them as well.

Take your dog to the beach

If your dog loves the water, find a dog-friendly beach near you and go for a swim! We’re lucky enough to have a dog park near us that has a small lake inside of it that the dogs can play in, but there are some public beaches where dogs are allowed as well. Make sure you know the rules before you go, and always bring your dog’s collar, leash, tags, and food and water for them.

Build a DIY agility run in your yard

Another great way to have fun with your dog in your own backyard is to build a DIY agility run! All you need are some PVC pipes and a bit of time to put it all together!

Stay safe!

Don’t forget to stay safe while you’re out having fun this summer! The Noseprint™ has some great articles about keeping your pets safe this summer, like this article about knowing when it’s too hot to walk your dog. Always make sure your dog has access to fresh water and shade when you’re out and about. (And when you’re back home as well, so they can take a nice long drink before they pass out under your table!)

Get outside and enjoy the warm weather with these 10 summer activities you can do with your dog!

What are your favorite activities to do with your dog?

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