22 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Home

22 Ways to Declutter your Home

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Clutter drives me crazy! When the house is cluttered, I just feel “stuck” and can’t seem to get anything done. If clutter drives you crazy, I have rounded up some great ideas to help you declutter your home! All of these ideas are simple do it yourself projects that will definitely help you get your home organized.

22 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Home

1. Turn a chaotic office to a multi-functional work space.

Create a multifunctional work space in an office

This author turned her messy office/craft room to a classic and modern style work space. Who doesn’t want to work in this beautiful office?

See the full instructions on Cleverly Inspired.

2. A simple pretty solution that will turn your garage shelves to this!

garage shelves makeover

Galvanized buckets and some decorative baskets can make a big different in organizing you garage shelves. Now put all your things there every time you arrive!

See the full instructions on Just A Girl

3. Organize your chest freezer with dollar store bins!

organize your chest freezer with dollar store bins

Use bins to organize the frozen foods in your chest freezer. With the help of bins, it will be easy for you to stacked and unstacked your foods.

See the full instructions on Practically Functional.

4. Messy above fridge cabinet? Say no more.

organize the cabinet above your fridge

Add dividers to your cabinet so there will be more rooms for all of your kitchen things. You can also put your trays here there will be no space wasted.

See the full instructions on Remodelando la Casa.

5. Put more foods in your pantry!

organize your chaotic pantry

What a difference a coat of paint and a few organizing bins can make!

See the full instructions on Tidbits And Twine.

6. Super simple toy organization easy for kids to maintain, so it really works!

how to organize kid's stuff

Try  this simple toy organization idea that will teach your kids on how to organize their own toys at your home!

See the full instructions on Practically Functional.

7. A Dollar Store Bathroom Organization.

bathroom drawer organization

A work of art dollar store bathroom organization. Easy and really fun to do!

See the full instructions on The Summery Umbrella.

8. Organize your spices with mason jars.

organized spice drawer

Messy spice drawer? Here’s a great solution for you with a little twist with a chalkboard that will make your drawer even better!

See the full instructions on The Country Chic Cottage.

9. Closets makeover that are totally functional!

functional closet makeover

Make the most efficient space you have in your closet! Check out the tools they used that can help you customize your closet the way you want!

See the full instructions on Practically Functional.

10. A very easy no-slip hanger hack.

how to make your own no slip hangers

Need help with your slippery hanger? Here’s a super easy DIY that will get rid of sliding dresses in your cabinet!

See the full instructions on In My Own Style.

11. Wine rack as yarn storage.

yarn storage ideas

Make use of a wine rack as your yarn storage. Have some break with your wines!

See the full instructions on Pretty Prudent.

12. Put more cups in your coffee cabinet by adding some hooks.

Organize your coffee cabinet with hooks

Always have a great coffee every morning whenever you open your coffee cabinet when it’s this organized. You could just have long stare every time you open it!

See the full instructions on I Heart Organizing.

13. Make some spin in your corner cabinet with a turntable.

organize a corner cabinet

Always forgetting  things on the back of your cabinet? Well, here’s a really smart idea that will give you a spin when you give it a try!

See the full instructions on I Heart Organizing.

14. Make a hanging storage bins with this super simple DIY!

hanging storage bins over the toilet

Put your bathroom accessories in hanging storage bins and have a tons of of functional stylish storage.

See the full instructions on Practically Functional.

15. Helpful organizing ideas for a family closet.

how to organze a closet

With this organized closet, you can have more space and manage your clothes easily.

See the full instructions on The Handmade Home.

16. Make your laundry room both functional and pretty!

pretty and functional laundry room

Adding some flowers in your laundry room to have a garden inspired space and making it look a little french style can give you an excitement to do all of your laundry!

See the full instructions on Celebrating Everyday Life.

17. Organize your master closet in style.

organize your master closet

You could just sleep in your closet if it’s this organized and stylish!

See the full instructions on Polished Habitat.

18. Vintage inspired laundry room that will give you boost to wash the piles of  laundry!

vintage inspired organized laundry room

Bored in your plain and bare laundry room? Try this organizing idea that will make your laundry room more cheerful and have a place for everything including a spot to fold your clothes!

See the full instructions on The DIY Mommy.

19. Charging station that is perfect for your electronics!

electronics charging station

Solve your problem in misplacing your cords and adapters and having to hunt to them every night! This DIY charging station will keep an eye on your cords 24/7!

See the full instructions on Driven By Decor.

20. Puzzles and boards game organizing tips!

organized puzzles and games

Learn how to organize the puzzles and board games of your kids in the shelve! A hanging closet organizer might be a big help for you too!

See the full instructions on Joyful Homemaking.

21. Cutting board storage tips and tricks.

how to organize cutting boards

Have space problems in your kitchen for your cutting boards? This simple way to make a cutting board storage will be huge help when space is limited!

See the full instructions on That’s What Che Said.

22. Inexpensive and convenient foil and plastic wrap storage.

how to store aluminum foil

Make your plastic wrap and tin foil more accessible by just hanging them on your doors!

See the full instructions on Ask Anna Moseley.

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