26 No Bake Desserts For Summer

26 No Bake Desserts For Summer

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In the heat of summer, nobody wants to turn on the oven! Luckily, there are tons of no bake desserts out there that are delicious, easy to make, and don’t require an oven! These desserts are perfect for feeding a crowd for a 4th of July picnic or summer barbecue, and you won’t heat up the whole house making them!

26 No Bake Desserts That Are Perfect For Summer!

1. Using graham crackers in your summer dessert is a classic.

No bake graham cracker crust pie

Ready to beat the heat this summer? This quick and easy no bake graham cracker dessert will definitely win the hearts of your kids.

See the full instructions on All Things Mamma.

2. Find ways to level up your Oreo cookie game.

No bake Oreo layer dessert

Turn your kid’s favorite cookie into something more decadent. Once you take that first bite you’ll instantly be swept away!

See the full instructions on Brown Eyed Baker.

3. Cake, whipped cream, and fruit…what could be better?!

Summer peach blueberry trifle

This is the perfect dessert for large get-togethers! It’s easy to make, you can make it a day ahead, and it serves a ton of people!

See the full instructions on Practically Functional.

4. Summertime is popsicle time for kids.

Raspberry cheesecake yogurt popsicles

Kids of all ages definitely love healthy frozen treats. These frozen yogurt pops are the best of both worlds!

See the full instructions on Recipe Runner.

5. Create a show-stopping dessert.

Rainbow Jello mold

Impress your kids with this stunning rainbow colored Jello dessert served in a fun and pretty party style. Your kids will definitely fall for this!

See the full instructions on Glitter and Goulash.

6. Fruit kabobs are so simple, but always a hit!

American flag kabobs

Want a cool centerpiece for your patriotic party? This one is perfect! If you want your kids to eat healthy this 4th of July, just put some fruit on a stick!

See the full instructions on Amanda’s Cookin’.

7. Be creative and have fun with apple dippings!

MMs caramel apples

Kids definitely love picking their own choice of toppings for their treats. Sure, it will probably be a sticky mess, but that’s ok…it’s summer!

See the full instructions on The Cozy Cook.

8. A whole new twist to fruit salad.

Banana split bites

This dessert idea is heavenly! Frozen fruits can actually satiate those ice cream cravings, and they’re so much healthier. Plus the kids will love helping out with the dipping part!

See the full instructions on MOMables.

9. You can never go wrong with mermaid themed treats.

Mermaid bark recipe

Mermaid themed foods are one of the latest trends in the internet today and it’s not hard to see why kids love this. A must have for your summer parties or treat table! Dive in with this mermaid bark recipe from Bread Booze Bacon.

See the full instructions on Bread Booze Bacon.

10. Chocolate cups are shockingly simple to make.

Cookies and cream chocolate candy cups

Want to get rid of leftover candy bars and cookies? Leftover chocolate may seem like an impossibility, but this idea could just turn out to be your kid’s new favorite dessert.

See the full instructions on Kirbie’s Cravings.

11. Beat the summer heat with coconut desserts.

No bake salted caramel coconut macaroons

Delicious and fancy enough for a party, but the kids will love them too. These macaroons are so chewy and irresistible, and made with tons of coconut goodness. Plus, they’re super easy to make!

See the full instructions on Life, Love and Sugar.

12. Oatmeal bars are the bomb!

No bake chocolate hazelnut fudge oatmeal bars

We all trick our kids into eating healthy things sometimes, right?! And if they end up liking the healthier versions of our classic treats and desserts more than the originals, that’s ok too!

See the full instructions on Eye Candy Popper.

13. Fried ice cream (without actually frying!)

No fry fried ice cream

No one can turn down these little bites of crispy ice cream goodness. If you enjoy making fried ice cream but aren’t so crazy about the mess, you will love this No Fry Fried Ice Cream.

See the full instructions on Your Homebased Mom.

14. Switch up your average smoothie to a delicious parfait.

Patriotic cheesecake and meringue parfaits

Parfait provides a bit of sweetness that kids love without adding too much processed sugar. And if you want festive food for the 4th of July, this parfait is the answer.

See the full instructions on Becoming Martha.

15. Shoot for the stars with a stained glass Jello dessert.

Red white and blue stained glass Jello stars

Show your patriotic spirit for the summer holiday with this red, white, and blue stained glass Jello! A mouthful of colorful, wonderful goodness! And who doesn’t love Jello?!

See the full instructions on  Brown Eyed Baker.

16. Serve up brightly colored treats.

Rainbow grapes

The rainbow craze is crazy, but this recipe from Momma Told Me is amazing! Sure, it’s covered in colored sugar, but they’re grapes, how unhealthy could that be?! Bring on the bright colors!

See the full instructions on Momma Told Me.

17. Finish your signature fudge bar with candy.

Skittles rainbow fudge

Try experimenting with adding candy to your favorite fudge recipe; candy makes everything better! And the kids will love to help!

See the full instructions on Lemon Tree Dwelling.

18. Homemade gummies are the way to go!

Sparkly fruit gummies

These magical tiny gummy bits are the key to being named “Best Mom Ever”! Gelatin adds that wibbly wobbly texture that makes gummies so fun. Did you know that you can make these at home?

See the full instructions on Our Best Bites.

19. More fried ice cream! (Still no frying!)

Easy Mexican fried ice cream

I remember someone once said that “Love is an ice cream sundae, with all the marvelous coverings.” This simple, flavorful dessert is a perfect way to get kids involved in the kitchen.

See the full instructions on House of Yumm.

20. Chocolate, mint, and pie is your winning combo.

Grasshopper ice cream pie

Try cramming some fresh mint flavor into your sweets for a refreshing summertime treat. Mint chocolate ice cream is great on its own but even better in a delicious pie, right?!

See the full instructions on Your Homebased Mom.

21. Whisk it up with strawberry shortcake parfaits.

Strawberry shortcake parfaits

Lots of kids go nuts over anything with strawberries in it. This sweet dessert is a fast one; it’s ready in a matter of minutes!

See the full instructions on Love Bakes Good Cakes.

22. Bring out your ice cream cones and a sense of fun.

4th of July cheesecake ice cream cones

It’s like a cannoli, but with cheesecake! Just the appearance will take your 4th of July dessert to the next level, and that’s before you even bite into it!

See the full instructions on The First Year.

23. Think outside the box with a delightful icebox cake.

Mango royale icebox cake

It may look super fancy, but this dessert is totally achievable! Plus mangoes are great in everything!

See the full instructions on The Little Epicurean.

24. This yogurt tart is breakfast AND dessert!

Healthy no bake coconut lime fruit and yogurt tarts

Those long, hot days of summer makes you crave cool, refreshing desserts like this one. Even picky eaters will adore this.

See the full instructions on Peas and Crayons.

25. Bring back the popular Jello mold for your summer party.

Strawberry and chocolate Jello mold

This beautiful Jello mold is sure to catch the eye of everyone that sees it. It’s the perfect centerpiece for any summer party.

See the full instructions on Pint Sized Baker.

26. What’s cooler than an out-of-this-world beverage?

Sunset Slushie recipe

Such a fun, colorful drink! And the kids will love it too! (Don’t worry, there’s no alcohol in it!)

See the full instructions on The Gunny Sack.

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