3D Snowflakes: Winter Decor

Hello! My name is Brittany and I am the curly haired girl behind the blog DIY Just Cuz where I write with my two silly cousins about anything DIY, craft, and décor related (with some recipes and life advice mixed in). We started our blog nearly one year ago as a way to stay connected with each other since we all live so far apart and to share our hobbies with the world. Since Jessi is on maternity leave (congratulations, girl!) she has so kindly allowed us to share a project on her blog.

Now that Halloween is over and the weather is cooling, I’m eager to start decorating for wintertime! Although I firmly believe that Christmas decorations shouldn’t see the light of day until after Thanksgiving, there’s no harm in a little snowy decor a bit earlier than that, right? 😉

I don’t have much wintry decor, and while I hate snow, I think that individual snowflakes are so exquisite and fascinating. What better way to prepare myself for these upcoming snowy months than to try to see the beauty in the season with some 3D decor?!

Create simple winter decor with these 3D snowflakes. They are perfect for holiday and winter decorating.

3D Snowflakes: Winter Decor

Here’s what you need for this project:

  • White Chalk Paint
  • Chipboard sheets
  • Patterned card stock or scrapbook paper
  • A wood square or plaque
  • Sticky foam squares
  • Silhouette Cameo


Assembling the Snowflakes


To create the lovely snowflakes, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them out of the chipboard. Since the chipboard I used was pretty thin, I actually cut out two of each snowflake to stabilize the delicate cuts. They need to be really sturdy in order to work for this project! I used the default Silhouette settings for cutting chipboard (Blade: 5, Speed: 1, Thickness: 33 & I double cut it). Since chipboard is a thicker material, and the speed was so slow, cutting it took forever. I actually had time to finish the other steps of this project before the chipboard even finished cutting. Don’t worry though, it was worth the wait. If all else fails, it gives you a little spare time to catch up on some housework or TV shows!


Once the chipboard was finished, I chose two pretty patterned card stock sheets, and cut out one of the snowflakes from one of the papers. I really wanted to emulate the sparkly quality of snowflakes, so I choose papers that had foil designs.


After the snowflakes had been cut from both materials, I glued each of the matching pieces together with a glue stick. Each snowflake should have two pieces of chipboard and one piece of card stock.

Painting the Wood

After the snowflakes are completely assembled (or in my case, while the snowflakes were being cut out), the wood must be painted. I used a simple white chalk paint to cover my wood square plaque. I only used one coat, and I was unconcerned when a little of the natural wood peeked through. I like the worn look and it looked particularly great once it was all finished. I used papers that were neutral colors only, so I opted to use a tiny bit of Heidi Swapp’s color shine spray to add some color to my wood. The color shine is quite pigmented, so I sprayed only once, about 8 inches directly above the wood.


Creating the 3D Art

When I first started this project, I knew I was going to have to get creative with the snowflakes and how I was going to attach them to the wood. I originally planned on cutting out several little squares of chipboard & gluing them together to add the dimension, but in the end, I decided to use little foam adhesive squares instead. I wasn’t sure if they’d work, but not only were they super durable/heavy duty, but they were the perfect thickness to create the layered look I was going for!

On the larger snowflake I used only one square, since I didn’t want it to lie completely flat to the wood, but for the smaller one I used three.


Once the foam was firmly stuck to the chipboard snowflakes, I layered them one by one onto the wood.


Once both of the foam backed snowflakes attached to the wood, it looks a little silly from the side…


…but look at how great the finished project is!

The Finished Project




If you loved this little snowflake art as much as I do, feel free to pin it and share! If you’re looking for more deceptively simple crafts, you’ll love these:

Thanks again for letting us share our easy DIY craft on your blog, Jessi! We hope you enjoyed it, and would love to connect with all of you!



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