8 Fun Things To Do With Old Baby Clothes

Is your little one too big for their baby clothes? Here are 8 fun things to do with old baby clothes instead of throwing them away!

If you’re like me, you probably have a hard time with just tossing your little one’s clothes out that are too big now. I would always picture my son’s little toes wiggling around in his teddy bear footed pajamas, and see his little chest rising and falling as he slept on my chest in a soft, blue onesie.

Luckily, there are lots of fun things you can do with old baby clothes besides throw them out. Read on to learn how you can pass clothes on to those in need, cherish them forever, or even make some money off of them!

8 fun things to do with old baby clothes

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8 Fun Things To Do With Old Baby Clothes

1. Turn Them Into A Keepsake Animal

I was mesmerized when one of our close friends showed me a teddy bear that she’d stuffed and sewn purely out of her daughter’s old baby clothes. The prints, textures, and colors were just beautiful. And, the plush bear still sits prominently on her dresser; allowing both her and her mom to remember the cute clothing she used to wear.

2. Trade Them

If you join an online social media website, it’s easy to post pics of the clothing you wish to discard. Instead of selling them, you could propose a trade! Simply list the sizes you’re looking for and voila! You’re one thrifty momma.

3. Sell Them

If trading isn’t your thing and you’d rather make a buck or two off your clothing items, you can do so by having a good old fashioned yard sale. All proceeds come directly to you. Whether you do it in person or online in a local yardsale forum, any cash you make beats throwing out your items.

4. Consign Them

Even though it’s slightly more work than hosting or posting a yard sale; consignment is usually a sure sale. Why? Your items are featured in a shop for several months. While you only get about half of what it sells for, you can make a pretty penny by listing your stuff. Simply make sure your items look spiffy and new by washing, drying, ironing, and hanging each item before trekking it to the shop. People are generally more likely to pay a bit more at a consignment shop than they are on a street corner, so go out of your way to even patch up tears or mend buttons or zippers. Some stores that allow you to consign your items could be an online baby boutique or a local baby boutique like Bitsy Bug Boutique.

5. Frame An Outfit

Do you have a baby outfit that you just can’t trade, toss, or sell? No one ever said you had to. Visit a local frame store to discuss options when it comes to securing, matting, and framing your baby gear. If you’re handy and thrifty, you can even visit your local art supply store and check out large shadow boxes and read up online to learn how to do it all yourself! You can keep the outfit in your bedroom or child’s room to remind them of just how tiny they once were.

6. Look Online For Ideas

If you want to use old baby clothes in a creative way, but don’t feel like you’re a person that will feature them in a frame or as a piece of art around your home; there are lots of other things you can do. While it may pain your heart a bit to cut them up and deconstruct them, you can get lots of ideas on sites like Pinterest.

You may wish to use the clothes to create trim on a pillow, or even a blanket that your kiddo takes with them when they jet off to college (sigh). Baby clothes can be composed into a stocking that’s used around the holidays. You could use them to make a pillow to pass on to a new sibling, or even a robe for a new baby to wear. If you can read, use a sewing machine, and round up some inspiration online; you can certainly do lots of fun things with your child’s old clothes. Who knows? Maybe you’ll realize you have a hand for making ultra-creative and cute crafts out of your clothing and can start a business on Etsy or other social sites!

7. Make A Donation

Do you know a special family at church or down the road that could benefit from some free gear? You can present them with your gently used items and take joy and satisfaction every time you see their little ones dressed in your child’s clothing-at least you know your items are in good hands at a good home.

8. Hold An Auction

What’s the saying? One man’s junk is another man’s treasure? You may wish to set up an online auction using a site like Ebay to see just what your clothing items will go for. You set the starting price, sit back, and watch other bid before you box it and ship it to the lucky winner. This can also become a lucrative side business!

At the end of the day, we all wish we could hang onto your kids a little bit longer. While they grow at a rapid pace, we cling to the clothes they used to wear! If you’re ready to sell, trade, or consign them to make a little bit of money, awesome! If you’re not, rest assured there are many fun and creative things you can do and make with old baby clothes in order to always treasure those tiny outfits!

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