DIY Decorative Light Switch Covers

The upstairs hallway in our house is pretty boring. The walls are a light ivory and it’s just a long straight hallway with two doors off to either side. And because I’m allergic to the cats, and they could wreak havoc in my craft room, we tend to just keep all bedroom and craft room doors shut, so the hallway is even more boring because it’s just wall and doors all the time. So I decided to add a fun pop of color with some quick and easy DIY decorative light switch covers!

How cool is this decorative light switch cover?! All you need is paper and Mod Podge!

The light switch covers are such a fun addition to the hallway; I love walking past them every day!

The coolest part of this project is that you can decorate your light switch covers with whatever you want. I used scrapbook paper, which comes in thousands of patterns and colors, but you could also use a pretty paper napkin, a piece of fabric, or even lace. Let your imagination run wild!

DIY Decorative Light Switch Covers

Here’s what you need for this project: (affiliate links below to the products I use and recommend)

  • patterned scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge (I used gloss, but they also make a matte version if you prefer!)
  • paint brush
  • screwdriver
  • scissors/X-acto knife

DIY Decorative Light Switch Covers-7

Here’s what our hallway looked like before. I did at least hang a finger painting by my sister-in-law at the end of the hall, and it helps brighten it up a bit, but the rest of the hallway was still so boring! (Yes, btw, I did say finger painting; my super talented sister-in-law, Kellyn, painted that gorgeous owl WITH HER FINGERS! Check out more of her work here.)

DIY Decorative Light Switch Covers-5

Step 1 is to remove the light switch covers. Just unscrew the two small screws at the front of the cover and gently pull the cover off the wall. You don’t need to shut off the electricity in order to do this, but once you’ve removed the light switch covers, there will be a hole in the wall with the wiring behind the actual switch itself, so be careful. Don’t stick a finger or a screwdriver into the hole in the wall or anything!

DIY Decorative Light Switch Covers-6

Choose a pretty piece of paper and cut out a piece that is a little bit bigger than the light switch cover on all four sides. Brush a light coat of Mod Podge onto the cover, center it over the piece of paper (make sure the pretty side is facing out!), and press it down. Smooth out any air bubbles. If your light switch cover has slanted edges, add a little more Mod Podge on the edges and wrap the paper around to the back of the cover, securing at the back with Mod Podge as well.

DIY Decorative Light Switch Covers-8

Do the same for all four sides. Then poke holes, from the front of the cover, through the small screw holes to make room for the screws. In the center hole where the light switch goes, cut angled lines in from all four corners, making them meet in the center, as shown in the photo below.

DIY Decorative Light Switch Covers-9

Brush a light coat of Mod Podge across the paper “tabs” you just cut, then fold the tabs around to the back of the cover, pressing them into the back to secure them.

DIY Decorative Light Switch Covers-10

Turn the cover over and brush a thin coat of Mod Podge over the paper on the front, making sure to get all edges as well. Then set the cover aside to dry.

DIY Decorative Light Switch Covers-11

Once the Mod Podge is dry, reinstall the light switch covers using the same two small screws, and you’re done!

How cool is this decorative light switch cover?! All you need is paper and Mod Podge!

Now our hallway is way more interesting!

DIY Decorative Light Switch Covers-12


How cool is this decorative light switch cover?! All you need is paper and Mod Podge!

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  1. Janice Hedley says

    8 years ago

    love your ideas

  2. Carol A Jensen says

    9 years ago

    Renters can also do this! Just go to the hardware store and buy a cheap cover or two, and cover them! Just make sure to keep the originals for when you move.

  3. Tiffany says

    9 years ago

    Hi, Jessi ~ Great project! I love how the switch covers add a punch of color. I’m crazy about scrapbook paper and use it all the time. I’m definitely doing this project in my girls’ rooms! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Helen Laurini says

    9 years ago

    I always wanted to learn how to do the light switch. Thank you so much.

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