DIY Fall Monogram Wreath

Fall is officially here! Who else is excited for chilly weather, sweaters, boots, and warm delicious drinks?! So I figured it was time to switch out the welcome wreath I made last spring for a brand new monogram wreath that was a little more “fall”. And it turned out great; it makes me so happy every time I walk in the back door!

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath

Isn’t that thing pretty! I just love fall colors and I really love the contrast of the light purple on the monogram with the red, orange, and yellow in the berries!

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath

This wreath was really simple to make, here’s what you need:

  • grapevine wreath form
  • a few garlands of faux berries
  • wire cutters
  • floral wire
  • wooden monogram
  • paintbrush
  • Mod Podge
  • ribbon
  • hot glue

Start by creating the base of your wreath. Grab the wreath form, the berry garlands, the floral wire, and the wire cutters.

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath from grapevine wreath form and berry garlands

Determine where you want to attach the berry garlands to your wreath form. I had three so I attached one on the inside of the wreath form, one on the outside, and one right on top in the middle.

Unwind and untangle your garland and attach it to the wreath form using floral wire. Just clip about two inches of wire, wrap it around the garland and a piece of grapevine, twist the ends together to secure, and tuck the ends into the wreath form to hide them. (I used green floral wire because I didn’t have any brown wire on hand, but you can’t even see the floral wire in the finished wreath, so don’t worry if the color doesn’t match!)

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath: Use floral wire to tie garlands onto grapevine wreath form

Continue wrapping a garland around the wreath form, attaching every six inches or so with a piece of floral wire. The berries in my garland were a little bit tangled with each other, so I separated them out as I went and then flattened them back down later. But if you like the spiky separated look, just leave them standing up in your finished wreath!

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath: Separate berry strands so they are evenly spaced, then flatten back down

Continue adding garlands until your wreath is full. I wanted a bit of the grapevine to show through, so I only added three garlands, but you can cover the wreath completely in berries if you like the fuller look!

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath: Attach berry garlands to a grapevine wreath form for base

You can be done at this point, but I felt it needed a bit more, so I added a monogram and a giant bow! I found a plain white monogram at Michaels, cut out a square of scrapbook paper, brushed some outdoor Mod Podge onto the front of the monogram, and pressed the scrapbook paper down onto it.

After a few minutes I turned the monogram upside down so that the paper was against my craft desk and I carefully cut along the edges of the monogram with an Xacto knife to remove the extra paper.

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath: Mod Podge paper onto a wooden monogram

I tied a big bow with some orange plaid ribbon, hot glued the monogram onto the ribbon, and then hot glued the ribbon onto the wreath.

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath

I hung the wreath on our back door using a bronze wreath hanger, and I just love how it looks out there now!

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath

Have you started decorating for fall yet? The inside of our apartment is not super festive yet, but now that I have this wreath and the stenciled fall welcome mat, our back entryway at least is ready for the new season!


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Reader Interactions

  1. Marty says

    11 years ago

    Don’t you just love those little berries? I use them all over the place 🙂 Gorgeous wreath!

  2. Lori Lehman says

    11 years ago

    What a great wreath! I love the berries! Looks great on your door!

  3. Lisa @ Wine & Glue says

    11 years ago

    Jessi this is awesome! I love it! I’m sort of a wreath addict, I’m going to have to add this to my list 🙂

  4. Vanessa says

    11 years ago

    Such a beautiful wreath, Jessi! You would pay so much more to buy a wreath with the berries included. Great idea!

  5. Crystal says

    11 years ago

    Love the wreath!! I love the polka dot monogram and the colors! Amazing!! Love it!!

    • Jessi Wohlwend says

      11 years ago

      Thanks so much Crystal! I was really happy to find that purple polka dot paper in my scrap bin; I had just enough left over to do the monogram and I love how it turned out!

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