DIY Twig Plant Markers For Your Garden!

My little edible garden is looking great so far! I planted a bunch of vegetables a few weeks ago and they all seem to have survived the transplant shock, so now they’re just going to grow like crazy! Some of the plants look pretty similar to each other though, so I decided to make some garden markers to help tell them apart. I had some twigs from a tree we pruned recently, so I upcycled them into super cute DIY twig plant markers!

Turn twigs into plant markers for your garden! So easy and so cute!

These little plant markers were so easy to make, and I love how they look in the garden bed! They’re really natural looking and they fit right in. And don’t worry, there are a couple of ways to make the ink waterproof so they aren’t ruined when it rains!

DIY Twig Plant Markers

Here’s what you need to make your own garden markers:

  • small twigs, about 1/4″ in diameter and about a foot long
  • vegetable peeler
  • rubber alphabet stamps
  • stamp ink
  • outdoor Mod Podge or a clear acrylic sealant spay, for waterproofing

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NOTE: If your twigs are still green (if you just pruned them and they haven’t had a chance to dry out yet) let them dry for a few days before starting this project. It makes it easier to peel them, and the ink won’t run along the grain of the wood.

Peel away the bark at one end of the twig using the vegetable peeler. Go slowly and don’t try to peel too much off at once, and it should go pretty smoothly! Also, be careful to avoid any areas where there were branches; the wood where the branch joins the main stem is hard and knotty and it won’t be easy for the peeler to go through it.

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Gently press your rubber alphabet stamps onto a stamp ink pad, and then gently press them onto the flat, peeled surface to spell out the names of your plants.

DIY Twig Plant Markers For Your Garden-7

If you want your twig plant markers to be waterproof, just give them a light coat of Outdoor Mod Podge or spray with a clear acrylic sealant spray. Let the Mod Podge or sealant spray dry, then stick the twigs into your plant bed! Be careful to put them in far enough from the plants that you don’t damage the root system.

Turn twigs into plant markers for your garden! So easy and so cute!

Turn twigs into plant markers for your garden! So easy and so cute!

Turn twigs into plant markers for your garden! So easy and so cute!

Turn twigs into plant markers for your garden! So easy and so cute!a

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