Happy Face Ghost Cookies

Hi! I’m Jen Goode (goodie) and I’m excited to be here today sharing a fun way to add a little art to your Halloween treats. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate art or drawing into things I make and I love sharing this inspiration with others. I am an illustrator and owner of JGoode Designs and I share all kinds of creative inspiration and project tutorials on my blog, 100Directions.com. You don’t have to be able to draw a straight line to make art – that’s why we have rulers!

Today I am sharing a quick and easy food craft with you, Happy Face Ghost cookies. You don’t have to be a fancy cookie decorator to make these cuties. Get yourself a set of edible markers and get ready to draw some happy on your Halloween cookies! You can use any kind of plain cookie to make these treats (premade or store bought, it doesn’t matter). The key is in the icing, more info on that in a minute. If you want to make your own cookies, you don’t even need a cookie cutter, just shape each cookie however you’d like to make a whole army of different little ghosts.

Happy Faced Ghost Cookies are the perfect kid friendly Halloween project!

Happy Face Ghost Cookies

Here’s what you need for this project:

  • Cookies – I used a cake mix cookie recipe, but you can use pre-made dough or make sugar cookies from scratch, it’s up to you
  • Royal Icing – royal icing “hardens” after a few hours, so it makes a perfect canvas for drawing
  • Food-safe edible markers – there are a variety of brands; I use the Wilton food markers in primary colors
  • Helpful extras to have on hand – a piping bag so you can ice your cookies, paper towels, and some tooth picks

Happy Face Ghost Cookies

The key to creating great edible art is the canvas and the color. In this case, the canvas is the royal icing and the color comes from a good quality edible marker.

These fun Halloween cookies are SO EASY to make, here’s what you need to get started.

Happy Face Ghost Cookies

Once you’ve made your cookies and iced them, allow the icing to set for at least an hour (this is the most important part). Once the icing is dry you can color your cookies!

Use the black food marker to draw in whatever faces you’d like.


That’s it. No fancy decorating or multiple colors of icing. Just plain white royal icing and some great food friendly markers! You can draw all kinds of fun designs on your ghosts if you’d like. This makes a great kids activity for classroom parties, or favors for your Halloween parties.

These DIY happy ghost face cookies are so cute and perfect for Halloween, great for kids to help decorate too!

These DIY happy ghost face cookies are so cute and perfect for Halloween, great for kids to help decorate too!

Have you tried using edible markers yet? I’d love to hear about it… or if you try drawing your own happy face ghost cookies, give us a shout, tell us what you thought! If you like this project, check out my eyeball cookie pops using edible markers – there’s even more food drawing going on there! I also have a whole pile of fun Halloween crafts and printables to inspire ideas for all your Halloween decorating and celebrating fun.

I hope you enjoy the creative fun!


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    Aww these are so cute! I have a project coming up that uses edible markers but I haven’t used them before! Now I can’t wait to use them 🙂

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