How To Make A Jellyfish Windsock!

Have you ever made a jellyfish windsock? These fun outdoor crafts are so easy to make and lots of fun to play with and watch in the wind!


Love spending time outdoors in the warm weather? This cute jellyfish windsock craft will add a bright pop of color to your porch or patio! It takes less than 15 minutes to make and uses scrap materials you might already have laying around. Today I’m going to show you how to make a jellyfish windsock for your own yard! This is a great craft to do with the kids; they’ll love helping choose fun ribbons and strings to make the tentacles!

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How To Make A Jellyfish Windsock

  • Time spent doing stuff: 15 minutes
  • Time spent waiting around: 0 minutes
  • Total project time: 15 minutes



  • cupcake liner
  • clear dome cup lid (you can get one from your local coffee shop)
  • scraps of ribbon, fabric, twine, string, yarn… whatever you have laying around!

Supplies needed to make a jellyfish windsock


Check out the video below to see the whole project from start to finish! (You can also find written instructions below the video.)


Start by trimming all of your ribbon and fabric scraps so they are one to two feet long, and no wider than an inch.

Turn the dome lid upside down and put a small dab of hot glue on the inside, near the rim. Press one end of a strip of fabric or ribbon into the hot glue and hold it for a few seconds until the glue dries.

Make a jellyfish windsock by hot gluing ribbon and fabric strips into a dome lid

Go all the way around the inside rim of the lid, adding scraps of ribbon and fabric as you go.

Once you’ve gone all the way around the lid, start a new “row” further in towards the center of the lid.

Hot glue ribbon and fabric strips into a dome lid to make a jellyfish windsock

Continue adding ribbon and fabric in “rows” around the inside of the lid until you’re happy with how many “tentacles” your jellyfish windsock has! I did three rows: one near the rim, one near the opening in the center of the lid, and one between the other two.

Jellyfish windsock made out of ribbon and fabric strips attached to a dome lid

Turn the dome lid over and hot glue a cupcake liner over the top of it to hide the spots where the tentacles are attached.

Cover the top of the jellyfish windsock with a cupcake liner

If your cupcake liner isn’t quite large enough to cover the entire lid, you can add a wide ribbon around the very rim of the lid to finish covering the dome.

Add ribbon to finish the edge of the jellyfish windsock

Poke a small hole through the center of the cupcake liner and thread a loop of ribbon or twine through the hole. Hot glue the ends on the inside of the dome lid, leaving the loop coming out the top so that you can hang your jellyfish windsock.

Add a loop of ribbon to the top of the jellyfish windsock to hang it

And you’re done!

How to make a jellyfish windsock in under 15 minutes

Hang your jellyfish windsock outdoors and enjoy watching the jellyfish “swim” in the wind!

Diy jellyfish windsock made with ribbon fabric strips and a dome lid

Homemade jellyfish windsock blowing in the wind

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