How To Organize Your Kitchen Drawers: 20 Ideas To Tame The Clutter

Disorganized kitchen drawers driving you crazy? Tame the clutter with these 20 kitchen drawer organization ideas!

20 ways to organize kitchen drawers

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Organizing your kitchen drawers feels like a never-ending task. I mean, we all have a junk drawer that just seems to be a bottomless pit of stuff, right?! If you’re feeling like you don’t have enough room in your kitchen, or you can’t easily access your stuff, here are 20 kitchen drawer organization ideas that will help you tame the clutter!

20 Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas

Kitchen Drawer Organizer Ideas

Make more space by going diagonal
Store long utensils diagonally to make smarter, more efficient use of drawer space! You can buy these diagonal drawer organizer inserts or learn how to make your own.
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Diagonal kitcher drawer organizer
Organize knives inside of drawers
Put a knife block inside your drawers to free up counter space and keep them out of reach of little ones! They’re still easy to get to and very organized, but they aren’t taking up counter space.
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Kitchen drawer organization ideas with knife block

You can find in-drawer knife blocks on Amazon here.

Mix and match inexpensive drawer organizers
Drawer organizers are the ideal way to create order out of drawer chaos. Mix and match different shapes and sizes to create the perfect configuration for your drawers and your kitchen.
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How to organize kitchen drawers with drawer organizers
Store silverware at an angle to make more space
Organize your silverware with a slim drawer organizer that holds all your silverware without using up the whole bottom of the drawer! It comes in multiple sizes to fit your drawer and silverware needs.
Buy it here
How to organize a kitchen silverware drawer with an organizer
Organize K-cups with a drawer organizer insert
Keep your K-cups organized in a drawer insert that sits above a regular kitchen utensil drawer organizer; two in one!
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K cup storage drawer for kitchen

How To Organize Deep Kitchen Drawers

Use deep drawers to store dry ingredients
Organize your deep kitchen drawers with tall bins to hold dry ingredients! Make sure you get bins with a clear lid, add some labels, and voila: organized deep kitchen drawer!
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Organize a deep kitchen drawer to store dry ingredients
Customize your deep drawer storage with wooden pegs
Organize your deep kitchen drawers with a customizable wood peg board system! Drop the wooden insert in the bottom of the drawer, then put the pegs in wherever you want to full customize the organization for your specific dishes, bakeware, pots, etc.
Buy it here
Organize deep kitchen drawers with peg drawer organizers
Use a tension rod to organize pot lids
Make sure your pot lids aren’t slipping and sliding around inside your kitchen drawers by adding a tension rod. It makes efficient use of the space and makes it easy to find the lid you’re looking for!
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How to organize kitchen drawers with a tension rod

You can find tension rods on Amazon here.

Use deep drawers to store utensils vertically
Organize a deep kitchen drawer by adding this DIY kitchen utensil organizing insert! This is a great way to use the vertical space in a deep drawer and keep your kitchen utensils organized and easy to reach.
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How to turn a deep drawer into an organized utensil drawer queen bee of honey dos on @remodelaholic
Use small bins to separate out deep drawers
Organize deep kitchen drawers with these little IKEA bins! It’s a great way to utilize the vertical space in the drawer for small things if you’re not using your deep drawers for pots and pans.
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How to organize deep kitchen drawers with ikea bins

DIY Kitchen Drawer Organization

Make your own custom-built silverware drawer organizers
These DIY custom kitchen drawer organizers are easy to make and cost less than $10 to make enough for the entire kitchen! Get everything perfectly organized and easy to find, plus these DIY drawer organizers lift up out of the drawers for easy cleaning of both the dividers and the drawers.
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Custom wood diy kitchen utensil drawer organizer
Replace a lazy susan with corner drawers to increase your useable space
Maximize space in the corner cabinets by using drawers instead of a lazy susan! Add drawer organizers and these corner drawers are the perfect place to store kitchen utensils, measuring cups, etc.
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Kitchen cabinet corner deep drawer storage organization 2
Make DIY stackable drawer organizers to maximize space
Make your own DIY stackable kitchen drawer organizer inserts to make the most of your kitchen drawers. Add a kitchen cabinet pull to the top drawer organizer so it’s easy to remove to get at the stuff below!
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Diy stackable kitchen drawer organizer
Organize spices in a drawer with foam board
Store spices in a drawer to make easier to find exactly what you need. You can make your own spice drawer organizer with a foam board and some hot glue; so easy and inexpensive!
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How to organize spices in a kitchen drawer with diy drawer organizer insert
Turn cabinets into drawers to add more easy-access storage
Turn your kitchen cabinets into a drawer to make the contents easily accessible! These chrome pull out drawers are easy to install and slide really smoothly even with heavy stuff on top of them.
Buy it here
Diy kitchen cabinet into pull out drawer organizer
Build adjustable DIY drawer inserts with this video tutorial
Make your own DIY kitchen utensil drawer organizers in any configuration you want! There’s a great video showing you how she did this for her own drawers.
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Remodelaholic removable large utensil drawer organizer step 5
Clear counter space by creating an organized charging space in a drawer
Turn any drawer into a charging drawer with this easy-to-install charging outlet! Perfect for keeping your kitchen counters clear, and for protecting your tech from accidental spills.
Buy it here
Diy kitchen charging drawer
Add a second set of drawer slides to double your space
Put a drawer within a drawer to make efficient use of the drawer space in your kitchen. This is the perfect way to organize silverware or kitchen utensils.
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Double drawer utensil organizers
Utilize the space under your kitchen cabinets
Use the space under your cabinets to store your junk! Adding toe-kick drawers gives you a bunch of extra storage space in your kitchen, and putting your “junk drawer” under a kitchen cabinet frees up your counter height drawers for more useable storage.
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How to organize toekick drawers under black kitchen cabinets
Utilize the space under your kitchen cabinets
Use the space under your cabinets to store your junk! Adding toe-kick drawers gives you a bunch of extra storage space in your kitchen, and putting your “junk drawer” under a kitchen cabinet frees up your counter height drawers for more useable storage.
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