DIY Foil Thank You Cards

When I was at SNAP this year I saw the new Heidi Swapp Minc foil applicator in action, and it was awesome! We made cute little custom foiled printables at the booth in under a minute, and I was hooked! So when it came time to send thank you cards to everyone who attended my baby shower last month, I had the perfect idea. American Crafts sent me the 12″ Minc foil applicator, and I got right to work creating DIY foil thank you cards!

Make your own foil thank you cards, perfect for any occasion!

These cards and envelopes are designed to work with the Minc, so it was really easy to create these fun foil thank you cards. But if you’d prefer, you can also design your own cards with your own text and graphics, and add foil using the Minc; it’s totally versatile!

DIY Foil Thank You Cards

Here’s what I used for this project:

DIY Foil Thank You Cards-4

The Minc works by heating the foil so that it attaches to the printed ink portions of the card, leaving the rest of the card foil free. So start by cutting out a piece of foil just large enough to cover the printed words on the front of the card.

Turn the Minc on and adjust the heat setting according to the directions on the package (in this case, these cards use heat setting 3). Open the transfer folder and place the card inside, then place the piece of foil, colored side up, over the printed words on the card. Then close the transfer folder over the card, making sure the card and foil are still lined up, and feed it into the Minc. The Minc rollers will grab the transfer folder and slowly pull it through the machine.

DIY Foil Thank You Cards-6

By the time the transfer folder comes out of the back of the machine, the foil has been applied! Open the transfer folder and carefully peel the foil away, and you have a foil thank you card.

DIY Foil Thank You Cards-5

These thank you cards come with cute envelopes that can be foiled as well. What a fun geometric design inside!

DIY Foil Thank You Cards-7

Once you’ve foiled the envelopes, you need to assemble them. Just fold the sides in, add a thin line of glue to the edges of the bottom piece with your gluestick, then fold it up and press it onto the side flaps to form an envelope.

DIY Foil Thank You Cards-8

The inside of these cards is blank, so write out your thank you notes, and you’re done!

Make your own foil thank you cards, perfect for any occasion!

Feel free to mix and match foil colors too. I used four different colors to create these cards and I think they turned out great!

Make your own foil thank you cards, perfect for any occasion!

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