My Favorite Winter Coats for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Keep the chill at bay with one of my favorite winter coats for toddlers! This list includes heavy jackets, light coats, and everything in between to keep them warm this winter!


It’s that time of year again for many of us when the time needed to get everyone out of the house doubles or triples as we wrestle toddlers into jackets and go round-and-round with older kids on the seemingly controversial topics of “staying warm” and “coat wearing.” The temperatures have dropped and we are doing our best to keep our little ones warm and cozy without losing our sanity. And even though they may fight us tooth and nail to get (and often keep!) a coat on, we want to make sure we are doing our part to keep them warm. Having a small collection of outerwear is the first step and often the easiest! I’m here to make it just a little easier by sharing some of my favorite jackets, accessories, and winter coats for toddlers and preschoolers.

My Favorite Winter Coats for Toddlers

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The Best Winter Coats For Toddlers And Preschoolers

DISCLAIMER: I am not an overprotective, hypochondriac, germaphobe mom who goes above and beyond to protect her kiddos from anything that could possibly harm them. Do my boys eat food off the floor? Yes. Do they fall and get boo-boos because I let them do something I told them a hundred times not to do? Yes. Do they occasionally eat something that may be past its expiration date? Yes. Is my child going to die if he goes from the house to the car (a distance of about 15 feet) without a coat, hat, gloves and scarf? No.

Also, I live in central Kentucky; winters here really do not get all that cold. Does it drop below freezing? Yes. Does it drop below zero and stay there? No. Do we get heaps and heaps of snow? No. We have fairly mild winters (though not as mild as I would like!)

So, if you’re looking for an extensive report on children’s outerwear including jacket thickness and hi-tech warmth ratings you’re going to be a bit disappointed. However, if you’re a busy mom like me who would like a little help on jacket selection you will find everything you need right here.

All that being said, I do put a coat on my one year old and make sure my five year old at least has a coat with him. Who knows, he may realize that 40 degrees is a bit cold and he might actually decide he would like to be warm. Not entirely likely, but possible. (I also start the car and let it warm up so they are not going into a super-cold vehicle.)

For those short trips to the car when we are on our way to daycare or out to the store a cozy fleece hoodie is my jacket of choice. If it’s extra chilly I’ll grab one that’s Sherpa/faux-Sherpa lined. These are great because they add that extra layer of warmth, but aren’t overly bulky. They also have hoods, which provide their sweet little heads and ears adequate protection from winter’s cold breezes. The best thing about these light fleeces is that they are so easy to clean! It’s no secret that kiddos get dirty, especially when they are set free to explore and play outside. My littlest guy snacks in the car and his jacket slowly acquires an adornment of dried on food particles and Cheerio dust. So I make sure each of his jackets makes it into the laundry about once a week. I just zip them up and toss in with the color-coordinating load. They wash and dry simply and beautifully!

My one year old has several little fleeces from various stores. I generally try to coordinate with what he’s wearing. (Because I am one of those moms! Ha!) My five year old doesn’t have has many simply because his are more expensive and we haven’t been given as many hand-me-downs.

Light To Medium Winter Jackets For Toddlers

What we have for my toddler:

– Garanimals Newborn Baby Print Micro Fleece Hoodie from Wal-Mart – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– Circo Fleece Hoodie – (which apparently isn’t available in stores anymore)

– Wonder Kids Toddler Boys’ Hoodie Jacket from Kmart – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– Sonoma Knit Jacket with Faux-Sherpa Lined Hoodie – (also not available in stores anymore – clearly I have a thing for hand-me-downs)

Other awesome choices for toddlers:

– Cat & Jack Baby Boys’ Cozy Hooded Sweatshirt from Target – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– Old Navy Micro Fleece Full-Zip Jacket/Hoodie – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– Carter’s Sherpa Hood Quilted Jacket – (Boys’) (Girls’)

Light To Medium Winter Jackets For Preschoolers

What we have for my preschooler:

– Garanimals Baby Toddler Long Sleeve Stripe Micro Fleece Hoodie from Wal-Mart – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– Faded Glory Boys’ Sherpa Hoodie from Wal-Mart – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– The Children’s Place Long Sleeve Full-Zip Hoodie – (Boys’) (Girls’)

Other fabulous choices for preschoolers:

– Cat & Jack Boys’ Fleece Lined Hoodie from Target – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– Joe Boxer Toddler Boys’ Graphic Hoodie Jacket from Kmart – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– Old Navy Raglan-Sleeve Fleece Hoodie for Boys and Cozy Full-Zip Jacket for Girls – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– SONOMA Goods for Life Boys Raw Edge Zip Hoodie from Kohl’s – (Boys’) (Kohl’s doesn’t have a comparable Girls’ jacket from Kohl’s by SONOMA Goods for Life but this is pretty great.)

Now, when we go outside to play or will be spending a significant amount of time in the elements I do make sure my boys are warm and protected from the cold and dryness of winter. Heavy coats, gloves/mittens, and hats are a non-negotiable (though oh my goodness my five year old will try and try!).

Heavy Winter Coats For Toddlers

What heavyweight coats we have for my toddler:

– Lands’ End Heavy Coat – (Another hand-me-down that is no longer produced. Lands’ End only goes down to 2T now)

– Kid Connection Puffy Coat – (Not sure who produces this brand and couldn’t find anything by this brand online except on eBay… guess what! It’s another hand-me-down!)

Other great heavyweight coats for toddlers:

– Healthtex Baby Toddler 3-in-1 Ski/Snowboard Jacket W/ Removable Inner Layer from Wal-Mart – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– OshKosh B’gosh Colorblock Heavyweight Bubble Jacket – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– The Children’s Place Hooded Bomber Jacket – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– Old Navy Frost Free Hooded Jacket – (Boys’) (Girls’)

Heavy Winter Coats For Preschoolers

What heavyweight coats we have for my preschooler:

– Healthtex Toddler Bubble Puffer Jacket from Wal-Mart – (Boys’) (Girls’)

Other wonderful heavyweight coats for preschoolers:

– Healthtex Baby Toddler 3-in-1 Ski/Snowboard Jacket W/ Removable Inner Layer from Wal-Mart – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– OshKosh B’gosh Colorblock Heavyweight Bubble Jacket – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– The Children’s Place Hooded Bomber Jacket – (Boys’) (Girls’)

– Old Navy Frost Free Hooded Jacket – (Boys’) (Girls’)

Do I spend countless hours and dollars to make sure my boys will not feel a single tinge of winter’s chilly blast? No. Do I make sure they aren’t frozen? Yes. Sometimes good enough is enough and this is one of those things for me. Warm enough is warm enough! Ha! My boys are happy, healthy and are learning to be kind, honest, and overall good individuals. Those are the things that matter most to me as a mother. In order to make sure they survive winters cold during childhood so they make it to those “grown-up” years I will be prepared for the Coat Battle every winter, fleece hoodies in hand, determination on my mind and more love in my heart than they will ever realize at this young age.

I sincerely hope you found what you were looking for and that the information and links provided help make at least one aspect of parenting just a little bit simpler. Life is crazy and we can all use a little assistance…probably a lot more than we like to admit! I know I do!

May your mornings be less crazy and your children warm enough!

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