Organize School Supplies With Mason Jars And Washi Tape!

Now that the school year has started up again, it’s time to get organized! No one wants to be searching for school supplies when the kids are supposed to be doing homework, right?! Here’s a super simple way to organize school supplies; all you need are a few jars and some washi tape!

Organize school supplies with mason jars and washi tape!

Mason jars are perfect for corralling some of the clutter and organizing different supplies. And they’re also portable, so you can set them out on a desk while the kids are working and easily put them away later!

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I made these labels out of washi sheets and cut them with my CAMEO. Washi sheet labels are a great way to organize school supplies (or anything!) and make it pretty at the same time!

Organize School Supplies With Mason Jars And Washi Tape

Here’s what I used for this project: (affiliate links below)

The first thing I did was open up my Silhouette Studio software and create a few labels. I just wanted words made out of washi material, so I typed the words in and loaded a washi sheet onto my cutting mat. But you can get fancy and make actual label shapes if you want! I think the silver or gold printable foil would be perfect for labels!

Set your material to washi sheets (or whichever material you decided to use) and adjust your blade depth accordingly.

Organize school supplies with mason jars and washi tape!-7

Load your cutting mat and material into your machine and click Send To Silhouette to send your label design to the machine!

Organize school supplies with mason jars and washi tape!-3

Once your machine is done cutting, peel the washi material off the mat and carefully cut out around the labels.

Peel up all of the extra washi material so that just your label is left. And if your label is just text, like mine, you probably want some transfer paper to help move the design to the jar (you can use a strip of washi tape in a pinch). If you use washi tape, stick it to your shirt and remove it a few times to help make it less sticky; you don’t want the tape to stick to the letters so firmly that you can’t remove the tape once you’ve placed your design!

Organize school supplies with mason jars and washi tape!-4

Stick your washi tape or transfer paper onto your label, then gently peel the entire label and tape off the backing paper.

Place your label on your jar and press down over the letters to really get it to stick.

Organize school supplies with mason jars and washi tape!-5

Then gently peel away the washi tape or transfer paper, and you’re left with a cute little label on your jar!

Organize school supplies with mason jars and washi tape!-6

Make as many jars as you want, and get those school supplies organized!!!

Organize school supplies with mason jars and washi tape!

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school supplies in clear mason jars organized with washi tape labels

DIY Washi Tape Labels To Organize School Supplies

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Learn how to make washi tape labels to organize just about anything! Put the labels on mason jars and use them to organize kids school supplies, artwork supplies, and homework supplies.
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Yield 1 sheet of labels
Cost $5


  • mason jars
  • 1 sheet washi paper
  • 1 piece transfer paper (or washi tape)


  • Design your labels in your cutting machine software—you can use plain words or make fancy shapes.
    screenshot of washi tape labels being designed in Silhouette Studio software
  • Using your Cricut or Silhouette, cut out your design on a piece of washi paper.
    washi sheets being loaded into silhouette cameo on desktop with computer mouse and mousepad
  • Weed away any extra washi paper and cut out each label individually.
    washi tape label "Supplies" and a piece of washi tape to use as transfer tape
  • Place transfer paper or a strip of washi tape on top of the weeded label and press firmly. Peel the label and transfer paper away from the backing paper and position it on the mason jar.
    washi tape label being applied to mason jar using a piece of washi tape as transfer tape
  • Press the label down firmly onto the jar, making sure the entire label (or the entirety of each letter) is firmly attached. Carefully peel away the transfer paper, and you're done!
    washi tape label "Supplies" on mason jar

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  1. Raquel says

    10 years ago

    Every time I see you post about a Silouette, I really think I ought to get one! I LOVE this idea because it is mason jars, washi and organization. A trifecta for me!

  2. Alexis @ Persia Lou says

    10 years ago

    Such a good tip to use the washi tape as a transfer tape!

  3. Gwen says

    10 years ago

    That is such a cute way to label your jars! I love it!

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