Turn A Plastic Cauldron Into A Planter!

Fall is the perfect time to plant mums; they’re hardy plants that can thrive even when the weather turns chilly. When I saw black plastic Halloween cauldrons at the drugstore last week, I knew that they could be the perfect festive fall planter. So I bought a couple, made a minor modification, added some orange mums, and now I have awesome plastic cauldron planters on our front steps!

Turn A Plastic Cauldron Into A Planter! Perfect for mums on the front porch!

Our house is grey with white trim, and the front steps are black, so the bright orange mums add a much-needed pop of color!

Turn A Plastic Cauldron Into A Planter

Here’s what you need:

  • plastic cauldron
  • drill
  • rocks
  • potting soil
  • mums

If your plastic cauldron doesn’t already have a hole in the bottom, drill a small hole to allow for drainage.

Turn A Plastic Cauldron Into A Planter!-2

Layer a bunch of rocks in the bottom of the cauldron. This will help keep the soil from compacting and blocking the drainage hole.

Turn A Plastic Cauldron Into A Planter!-3

Cover the rocks with a layer of potting soil. Then add your mums! Gently squeeze each plastic pot that the flowers came in to help loosen the soil. Turn the pot upside down and gently remove the plant and root ball from the plastic pot. Using your fingers, gently pull apart the soil and roots at the bottom of the root ball, then place the flowers into the cauldron. I bought six “quart” mums and was able to fit three into each cauldron.

Turn A Plastic Cauldron Into A Planter!-4

After the flowers are in the cauldron, fill all the empty spaces with more potting soil, packing it down gently with your fingers. Water the newly potted mums until water drains out of the bottom of the cauldrons.

And you’re done! Your mums will be totally happy in their plastic cauldron planters as long as they get plenty of sun and water!

Turn A Plastic Cauldron Into A Planter! Perfect for mums on the front porch!

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