2 Minute Boot Tray Makeover With River Rocks

Boot trays are a functional accessory for any entryway; no one wants to deal with wet and muddy boots in their home! But the problem with our boot tray is that even though it helped keep our floors clean, the dirt and mud just sat in the bottom of the boot tray, so every time we went to put our boots on again, the soles were still wet and muddy! Once we get outside it doesn’t matter whether or not the soles of our boots are wet, but for the couple of steps we had to take indoors after we put our shoes on, it sort of defeated the whole purpose of the boot tray. So I decided to fix the problem with some river rocks, and in less than 2 minutes the boot tray makeover was complete!

Give a boring boot tray a simple makeover with river rocks! They allow your shoes to drain better, plus they look so pretty!

River Rock Boot Tray Makeover

  • 2 minutes (time spent doing stuff)
  • 0 minutes (time spent waiting around)
  • 2 minutes (total project time)




If you’re starting with a boot tray that you’re already using, give it a quick wipe down with a rag so that you’re starting with a clean tray.

Give a boring boot tray a simple makeover by adding river rocks

See all the dirt and water in the bottom of our boot tray? The tray definitely helped keep the boots from dripping onto the floor, but once all the snow and ice had melted, the boots were still sitting in a puddle of water!

River rocks to the rescue!

Add river rocks to a boot tray to give it a quick makeover

All you need to do is cut open the bags of river rocks and dump them into your tray! Spread them out a bit so they cover the entire bottom of the tray. Then put your shoes back, and enjoy!

River rocks in your boot tray allow your shoes to drain better, plus it's a really pretty look!

The river rocks allow the melting ice and snow to drip off of your boots and down into the bottom of the tray; your boots end up totally dry, and the dirty water stays in the bottom of the tray under the rocks!

River rocks are a quick way to give your boot tray a simple makeover! They allow your shoes to drain better, plus they're pretty!

Plus the rocks are just so pretty!

Give a plain boot tray a 2 minute makeover with river rocks; they allow your shoes to drain and make the tray look pretty!

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Jessi Wohlwend

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Reader Interactions

  1. Kate says

    7 years ago

    While I do think this is very cute, it’s going to be a much bigger mess to clean up, than just the tray.

    • Jessi Wohlwend says

      7 years ago

      Haha, I hear ya! When the tray and rocks get muddy, I just dump the rocks into a colander in the sink and spray them off with our kitchen faucet to get the mud off the rocks. Then I can easily clean the tray and put it all back together!

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