Use Shutters To Display Greeting Cards

Today’s post is brought to you by Jacque from The DIY Village! I’m super excited to have her taking over my blog today because she has an awesome project to share with you guys!


Hi everyone! Jacque here from theDIYvillage! I am so excited that Jessi asked me to join you all here at Practically Functional! DIY Card Holder by I cannot be the only person who LOVES to get a greeting card, right? They light up my day, and I am fortunate enough to have family that loves to send cards as well.

My problem – Somewhere to display them! Some might prefer to read them and then throw them away. I am more of your place them out for everyone to see type.

Last year we came across these cute little shutters that I knew would be perfect to display the sweet cards we get.

Just a few clothes pins and we were good to go! It was awesome at Christmas being able to just keep stacking them up! So much love and well wishes going around, makes you smile!

My good friend Stephanie had mentioned she wanted something similar, so I was on the hunt. Luckily I was able to find a pair of shutters for a reasonable price on Craig’s List – SOLD.

I took the hardware off of the shutters gave the shutters a good sanding and filled the holes in with Wood Filler.

Once the wood filler was dry I sanded that area down as well.

Not really the right order to do things, but honesty I forgot to fill the holes so there you have it!
photo 31

Pretty yellow aren’t they? One thing Mr. Craig’s List failed to mention was that these shutters were missing the support in the back (front) that keeps them from flopping. So Each and Every one of the slats had to be glued into place before they could be painted!

Whomp Whomp Whomp!

Once the wood glue was dry, the shutters were painted antique white, and then my favorite blue color I created for a Chair project I did earlier in the year. In total I ended up doing two coats of blue to maximize my coverage. When everything was dry I whipped out the orbital sander and went to town. After a quick coat of Poly everything was ready to assemble.


The hardware was originally a bright (I mean BRIGHT) blue color so it got painted with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint and installed back on the shutters.


The yellow and white peaking through is just perfect! Add some decorative clothes pins from Michael’s, some cards, and you are good to go!

Before & After of my DIY card holder

Shutters Before After

Thanks again Jessi for having me today! I hope you all have a wonderful day!



Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous project with us Jacque! My mom displays their holiday cards by sticking them in the blinds on their front window, but I love the idea of some stand-alone shutters to keep your cards displayed as well!


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  1. Katie says

    10 years ago

    Love the shutter idea!

    I rigged something up at Christmas to display my Christmas cards and decided to just leave it out and put up all the other cards we receive throughout the year. It’s so nice to display them somewhere! Yay cards. 🙂

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